What to Consider Before You Remodel Your Kitchen

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With the abundance of home renovation shows. Many homeowners are considering a kitchen remodel. It looks like so much fun and they always get the most amazing results. But there is a lot on those shows they don’t let you see. 

From the planning errors, to the arguments over materials and design. Not to mention the expert tradesmen on the crew, and the unlimited TV budget that can be used as backup. But even though they are a little light on the reality. Kitchen remodelling is something you can do, if you realize your limitations, and choose each step with careful consideration

Plumbing and Electrical:

Although it would be nice, you can’t just put things wherever you want in the new layout. Your plumbing and electrical services are not easily moved without the help of experts. Your best plan of action is to make a kitchen plan considering that the electrical outlets and sink are going to stay where they are.


Somehow, the heart of a kitchen seems to reside on the wall beneath the cabinets. Kitchen backsplash tiles punch above their weight in terms of impact. All your design cues will need to take into consideration the choices you make in this area.

Island, and Sink:

The next two high impact features are the Island and the sink, and sometimes they inhabit the same ground. Absolutely put room in your budget for a high-end faucet and match that up with a modern under the counter sink. The island itself is so important. It is generally the most used surface in the kitchen Choose an attractive stone for the island and counters. The use of stone will help to age proof your design.


You have some latitude here, if you have made a good choice about the colour and finish of your cabinets, you can save a little money and buy stock or semi-custom cabinets. Fully custom-made cabinets are not necessary, but go ahead if you have room in the budget. Custom cabinetry can be sublime, but it doesn’t come cheap.


There are so many options for flooring these days. If you take your time and check out all the options, you will certainly find exactly the right look without breaking the bank. Ceramic, or stone tiles are available in huge abundance in many price ranges. And the same is true with wood or laminate flooring, with many low-cost solutions that look just as good as the more expensive choices. They could be helpful in stretching a home building grant

Before you begin to crowbar off your cabinets and put that sledgehammer through the wall like they do in every Home makeover show. Decide on a colour palette and an overall theme, make sure your appliances will suit the plan.

Visit show homes and take pictures. Keep everything in a folder and brainstorm with design savvy friends. You might even want to take advantage of the design services that are offered at many home improvement centres. If you remember the big picture, the rest of the elements will eventually fall into place.

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