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3 Different Supplements To Try ASAP

It seems like everyone is taking some kind of supplement these days, and why not? Supplements can range from minerals like zinc to herbs and fish oil-pills, in-fact approximately 50% of American adults take regular supplements in one form or another according to this WebMD study. To help guide you through the excess supply of supplements we have listed three assorted supplements to help you live healthily, both physically and mentally.

BCAA Capsules

Branched-chain amino acids more commonly referred to as BCAA is a supplement that combines three muscle-building amino acids- valine, isoleucine, and leucine. BCAA capsules are noted for helping to reduce recovery time in-between workouts, as well as building muscle and according to many users they also increase exercise/workout performance and energy, in short, they provide a “pump-up”. BCAA tablets can be purchased online from Amazon or other retailers as well as in-person at most vitamin/drug stores, GNC, and countless others


Found in the earth’s soil selenium is a mineral that plays a key role in our metabolisms and can be found naturally in water and certain foods as well as in supplementary pill or capsule form. Selenium has been found to contain a high percentage of antioxidants the properties that protect cells from damage. Mixed results have been reported according to WebMD with some saying that selenium reduces the chances of containing prostate cancer with very little evidence to support this theory, nonetheless, some people may be deficient in their natural production of selenium especially if they have certain health conditions including chron’s disease, HIV/Aids, and others. Like BCAA capsules selenium is widely available and can be found at pharmacies, Rite-Aid, Vitamin shops, and instantly via the internet.


Reported to have therapeutic benefits Kratom, which has been used for hundreds of years if not longer in Southeast Asia, is becoming more and more popular in the Western world as many people buy kratom and discover they like the effects that the natural herb produces. It is relatively easy to find Kratom for sale in the United States as it is federally legal however certain states have banned the sale of kratom including Alabama, Tennessee, and Wisconsin among a few others. Why do people buy kratom?

Most regular users have reported using kratom primarily for physical pain relief, anxiety, and depression, as well as opioid dependence according to a report by John Hopkins University. Kratom has been especially lauded for helping opioid addicts stave off addiction; 35% of the 41% of kratom users surveyed by Johns Hopkins who reported themselves as using kratom for opioid recover also indicated that through their use of kratom among other things they had not taken another opiate pill or used heroin in over a year.

If your state allows for Kratom use then it can be easily purchased for those over 18 online, at certain gas-station/convenience stores. Many potential users have been disappointed to find out the answer is no to their question- can you buy kratom at GNC? GNC one of the most recognizable face in the supplement industry does not sell kratom but as mentioned above it can be readily purchased at other stores or online.

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