How to Stay Safe at the Dentist During COVID-19

The Coronavirus has impacted the entire world with certain countries being infected at higher rates than others. Business has changed with many companies that are able to allowing their employees to work remotely. There are some industries that have been crippled due to the virus which led to mass closures of bars and restaurants. Staying safe during this time should be a priority but there are times where you will come into contact with people. You need to keep up with your health during this time although you can be distracted with everything else going on. The following are tips that you need when you venture to the dentist to keep yourself safe during this unsure time.

Check the Practice’s Guidelines/Precautions

The dental practice that you go to regularly likely will have guidelines on their website. These guidelines could include checking in via telephone then getting a call when it is time to come in. This might seem excessive to some but it is the best way to limit contact between patients. Other precautions or recommendations could include a temperature check at the door. The employees are most likely getting tested daily or a few times a week. Whether it is a Fuquay Varina dentist or one in Tampa, there are going to be increased restrictions regardless of location.

A Mask is Essential

Wearing a mask is required in a number of states with businesses denying entry to some customers for refusal. There have even been people that have been banned for life from certain establishments. There is a likelihood that your practice will require this for employees as well as patients. Do not take it in a personal manner as they are just following what the department of health has recommended. Employees are on the front lines and care for people daily as dental health impacts a number of areas of the body’s overall health.

Sanitize Your Hands When Leaving

Sanitizing your hands after leaving is an intelligent thing to do. The last thing you want to do is bring something home from the dental office on your hands then transfer it to a commonly touched space in the car or home. Bringing a personal bottle is wise so the entire family can share it. Do this before entering the office as well so you do not bring anything in.

Consider Booking the Entire Family an Appointment at Once

There is a chance that the family only needs cleanings or minor procedures done. Booking the entire family will reduce the number of patients that will be coming in during the time your family is present at a small practice. Family dentists offer convenience as there is no need to change dentists as your children get older. Early appointments are recommended though as the office is sure to be clean then so booking the first appointments of the day should be the goal.

Staying safe during this uncertain time should be a focus regardless of where you are going. The dentist’s office is no different so make sure to take the proper precautions.

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