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3 Health Practices You Won’t Hear Your Doctor Recommend

While doctors and scientists should be trusted in most cases, in some countries the healthcare system profits off of sick people. Because of this, you won’t see as many natural healing options and you will notice that prescription medicines are quite common. When your doctor gives you health advice, you should definitely follow it, but remember to ask questions and do your own research as well. There are some things you can do for your health that may be a little surprising to you. Here are 3 health practices you won’t hear about from your doctor. 


Having needles stuck into you may not sound like the best time, but acupuncture is actually quite painless and can even feel good when done by the right person. If you have nerve or  muscle pain in your body, regardless of what caused it, acupuncture may be right for you. It is definitely worth a try before you go on prescription painkillers which can be addictive and in addition bring the threat of a possible prescription error,which can be deadly. The only downside is that unfortunately acupuncture is typically not covered by health insurance.

Medical Marijuana 

Though legal in many states and proven by many studies to be extremely helpful with certain ailments such as cancer, anxiety, and chronic pain, medical marijuana is still taboo in many places and often looked down upon by medical professionals. The truth is it is better for you than most prescription pills with less side effects and no harmful chemicals. Do some research and if you have something wrong that you think medical marijuana might help with, give it a try – regardless of what your doctor says about it. In fact, in states like Missouri where medical use is legal, a marijuana doctor must first determine whether your condition qualifies you to get a medical marijuanas card in MO.


Getting in touch with your mind and learning to ground yourself is a great tool in making both your mind and body more healthy. Remember that mental health is physical health, and the two go hand in hand. Of course, most doctors will not sing the praises of meditation because even though it has been very helpful for many people, it is still considered a little woo-woo by some.  But give it a try and see how it works for you – unlike many medical practices, there are no risks!

Getting healthy is not always easy, but with research, tenacity, and a little patience, you can find out what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and be your own advocate when you talk to your doctor and feel free to say no to things you don’t think are right for you. When it comes to trying things that don’t come recommended by your doctor, just always put your own safety first and do plenty of deep research before trying anything new.

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