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3 Healthy Alternative Ways to Getting Around Town

There are going to be traditional ways to get about a municipal area such as public transportation, personal vehicle, or by foot. The city planners design the roads and sidewalks with these types of movement in mind, some have even begun to incorporate bike lines into the roadway grids.  

Besides when the weather is uncooperative, there are going to be a bunch more options to get around town, none of which include allowing a motor to propel the body. In this article we will present three basic alternative ways to get around town without stepping foot in a vehicle, bus, or train. 

Skateboard and Inline Skates

Those same sidewalks designed for pedestrians are perfect lanes for blades and boards, simply strap on a pair of inline skates and travel up to twice as fast as if you were on foot walking. Skateboards come in different forms, longboards are designed for longer distance traveling and are a speedy fun alternative to walking. 

These relatively inexpensive forms of transportation are also fantastic ways to stay active and provide oneself with a means of staying fit but also a fun way to get a cardio workout while traveling around. Another added benefit is the low maintenance costs that come with riding on these extreme sports pieces of equipment. 

Green Dot Scooters 

Many cities have successfully introduced rental electronic green scooters that can be borrowed for a low fee and used for hours for play or travel needs. All a person will need is an online banking option, mobile banking, or a credit / debit card to purchase a block of time in which to use the two-wheel device.

Similar to the inline skates and skateboard, this option will require a person to use their cardio abilities to make it around town including the hill and valleys found in each city’s geology. Not all cities have this program in place, but the success in certain areas can only bode well for other areas of the United States and other places. 


One of the oldest alternatives to the motor vehicle has been the bicycle, which has the ability to travel three times faster on average when compared to the average walking speed. Anyone that has ridden a bike will tell you about the demand on the core and lower body when traveling on a bike. 

After a while, the legs feel the effort of keeping the body in motion and depending on the cardio level of the rider can vary the difficulty of the ride. As stamina and endurance levels improve, the rider will have the ability to travel further and faster than any of the other options presented in this article. 

In a changing world, there is going to be an incentive for a person to find ways to get around without spending a fortune on fuel. As common knowledge and doctors state, having a healthy level of daily activity and weekly exercise leads to happier moods and better overall living. 

Not to mention when out and about, there are going to be ample opportunities to meet the folks in the neighborhood and socialize.

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