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3 Top Tier Sports Shoes for 2023

When you think about shoes, there are going to be designs and styles for every sport and activity humanly possible. This type of variety comes into play when referring to the many different places to run and events to run in. 

Most athletic shoes will have certain designs to help a wearer perform in the sporting atmosphere, Basketball shoes have wider soles for jumping and landing, each running competition will ask for different things from a shoe. For this article’s purposes we will be examining three different shoes that excel in different areas of sports. Because the way shoes are made does vary considerably based on what they’ll be used for, I suggest looking for a specific type of sports shoe so you can have all the support and durability that you need for that specific sport.

Best Shoe for Playing Tennis

When you’re looking for a tennis shoe, there are a few things that you’re going to have to pay attention to. First and foremost, is the breathability of the shoe. Because tennis is a face past sport, you’ll be jetting around the court. This will mean that you need something that can easily wick away extra moisture so your feet aren’t sliding around the shoe and you have good stability. You also want shoes that have a flexible, but supportive sole. The good news is there are a great range of tennis shoes available online, so you can find something that will work great for you. 

Best Shoe for a Marathon race

When you think about what is needed for a marathon runner in regards to footwear, the ideal pair of shoes will be ultra-lightweight construction material with an almost perfect fit. There will also be a need for the material to be breathable, have a fantastic grip on the running surfaces, and have a bouncy response to every step, to reduce the impact of every stride. Introducing the ASICS Meta Speed Sky carbon plated shoes which are only 191 grams in weight and are said to be such a comfortable shoe that a runner will noticeably appreciate as the miles pile up. 

These shoes are not expected to last more than a single race, which plays into the amount of material sewn into the frame of the footwear. . 

Best Shoe for Trail Running

This will be a tough choice, there are going to be some that will sacrifice weight for the lighter weight materials of the running shoe and others will take the weight, for the structural integrity of a hiking shoe. Ideally, there is going to be a shoe that meets the needs of both parties providing a lightweight, durable hiking shoe option. 

The Salmon team has your back, providing the Sense Ride 4 trail running shoe that has been designed to impress. The quick lace system offers easy secure fitting, with durable lightweight materials that provide support but also an energy efficient response that comes with each stride. 

Finding the right sport shoes can feel overwhelming, but break it down by what type of shoe you’re need and it will make the search a lot easier!

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