3 Questions To Ask A Senior Living Advisor

In any situation that requires a lot of detailed thought and planning, the more ideas, expertise and advice you receive, the better off you’ll be in the end. Considering to move a loved one out of their current residence into a retirement community, nursing home or board and care facility is one of those big decisions, requiring time and in-depth consideration before making a final decision. As loved ones age, their needs change. There can be more bruising in elderly patients, a lack of self-care ability or lessened mobility. All of these reasons may urge you to consider talking with a senior living advisor. These are independent representatives whose main job is to help you find the best living arrangement for your loved one. If you do pursue this path, here are three questions you want to make sure to ask. 

1. How much do the services cost?

Being able to afford anything is key to helping you figure out if it’s the right move. An advisor can break down different plans, communities and services to see what fits in your budget. For children who are starting research for their aging parents of family members, it can feel like they’re looking for a needle in a haystack. With no previous experience in elderly care housing and options, knowing the market is hard. These advisors get to know your current situation, what insurance you have and give you their most knowledgable advice to what you can afford and the best option. 

2. How close are the homes?

If you’re going to be moving a loved one out of their home into a new environment, a lot of people want the peace and comfort of being close by, if at all possible. These advisors look into centers and resources near you. If you’re able to be nearby, it can make the new resident feel more “at home” if their more family is able to visit and spend time with them. However, if being nearby isn’t an option, don’t worry. Employees are trained to be caring, compassionate and loving to each and every member. They become a second family and are well taken care of and loved. 

3. What kind of living situation should I even consider?

This is where a lot of people get confused if they’ve never looked into elderly home care. There’s a vast array of different types of home options such as independent living, memory-assisted living, assisted living and nursing homes. All of these varying communities all cater to different people. The advisor will analyze your situation and get to know what needs the family member has. Then, they’re able to recommend the best option for housing to serve your loved one. Being in the greatest-suited space for their needs will lead to better quality of life. 

New beginnings are always difficult to maneuver. It can feel like you’re drowning as you figure out uncharted territory. However, in the adult housing industry, a senior living advisor can throw you a life float. They are there to help, assist and support this new decision for your whole family. 

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