3 Tips For A Cleaner Mouth (Simple Suggestions)

Is your Mouth Clean Enough?

Over 50% of adults visit the dentist each year. While dentists would ideally like to see that percentage at 100, it’s good to see so many adults keeping their mouths clean and making it part of their routine to fit in dentist appointment to already busy schedules.

Establishing a working relationship with a dentist in Gainesville is an important step to take in your overall health. Mouths harbor a lot of bacteria, germs and disease-causing agents that can negatively impact your smile, confidence and body.

A dentist is able to look at your overall dental health and let you know if something seems out of whack. However, you have to do more than just schedule a dentist appointment to see your teeth stay healthy. Ask yourself these three questions to see if you’re giving your teeth the best care.

1. Do you use mouthwash?

There are lots of dental products out there today – whitening strips, fancy toothbrushes and various kinds of floss. While some of these have lots of added value, some aren’t super needed.

However, mouthwash is. Mouthwash is an added step that enhances your mouth’s cleanliness. It reduces the acid in your mouth, cleans areas your toothbrush probably missed and puts minerals back into your teeth.

Not using mouthwash is like washing your car but neglecting one whole side. You end up with a half-cleaned car, and a mouth without mouthwash is in the same predicament. Adding a 30-second swish session to your dental routine won’t take too much time but will significantly help your mouth’s overall health. 

2. Are you drinking enough water?

If you’re settling for lots of coffee, soda or juices throughout the day, you’re doing yourself a disservice because of the sugar and stain qualities present in drinks other than water. Ingesting H20 is a beverage with no guilt and lots of added health benefits.

You won’t be depositing more gunk onto your mouth and can wash away some of the food particles and deposits by drinking a glass of water after every meal. It takes unwanted elements off of your teeth without having to brush at that specific moment. 

3. Are you eating enough foods to make your mouth work?

Many foods are processed, easy-to-eat and chewier today. While this may be good if you’re recovering from getting your tonsils removed or just had a tooth pulled, the more you can activate your teeth and jaw, the stronger they’ll be.

Your teeth aren’t stimulated when all you eat are soups, ice cream or mashed potatoes. Make sure to include fiber-rich crunch foods into your diet such as fresh vegetables and fruit. Not only will the minerals seep into your teeth, but your mouth will be better equipped to keep working as you age. 

Like any part of life, the more you can evaluate and look at your current practices, the better you can see any elements you should add or take away. Analyzing your dental routine is no different. Changing, adapting or keeping your routine after answering these questions will lead to long-lasting results and a cleaner, better cared for mouth. 

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