5 Ways To Treat Yourself This Week

It’s always important to take care of yourself, but sometimes you need a little extra TLC; something more than your usual skincare routine, or weekend take-out. Whether you are on a budget or feel like splurging a little, this list has something to help you pamper yourself this week.

1. Sleep In

Sleeping in is the best way to treat yourself because it is absolutely free. It can be hard to sleep in when your body is accustomed to waking up at the same time every day, but even just turning off the alarm and letting yourself lie in bed all morning can feel luxurious. Allowing your body to slow down and relax and be completely unproductive is not just pampering, but an absolute necessity as well. Everyone needs to slow down and take time to breathe. 

2. Book A Facial

Book an appointment at your favorite Spokane facial spa. Alone, or with a friend, facials are always a special way to decompress and treat yourself. Likely, you don’t get frequent facials, so this is a good option when you need an extra boost or even a reward for making it through a hard week. 

3. Buy New Lounge-wear

Having the perfect set of pajamas, or pair of cozy leggings, is sure to brighten your day. Feeling cute and comfortable is a winning combo to achieve ultimate relaxation. For some, even just the act of buying something for yourself is a treat. It will give you something to look forward to after a long day of work, and it might help you sleep better too. 

4. Take Yourself To Dinner

You don’t have to be with a friend or partner to go out to eat. Dining alone is a fun experience that everyone should try at least once. You get to pick the restaurant, get whatever you’d like off the menu, scroll through your phone or people-watch while you eat, and not have to worry about dishes when you get home. It’s also great for extroverts who might not like the quiet of being home alone, but still, need a break from socializing. 

5. Call A Friend

If spending an entire day alone isn’t appealing to you, talk to someone on the phone who you haven’t touched base within a while. It feels good to have long, meaningful conversations and catch up with people you love. Especially in the current digital era, long phone calls are becoming rarer. While it’s nice to be constantly up to date on a friend’s social media, but it’s good to give them a call and talk in person too. Consider it a bonus if you get to talk to them about things weighing on your mind and relieve some of that internal stress.

As life becomes increasingly busier and fast-paced it’s important to carve out intentional time to take care of ourselves and slow down. Taking even one day off to rest can have a huge impact on your emotional, mental, and physical health. 

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