3 Ways To Improve Your Small Business Sales

Right now it’s hard for small companies to stay in the market. With current shutdowns throughout the country, many people are avoiding going to too many stores, ultimately limiting their purchases. How then can the little guys survive? It’s going to take ingenuity and perseverance. Be prepared to reinvent your wheel. Here are 5 things that could boost your profit margin, even during these trying times. 

1. Enhance Your Online Marketing

Let’s face it. People are staring at their phones right now, searching this and that. You’ll want to have a presence somewhere on the web. It’s not enough to simply have a page. Traffic needs to go to it. Work with an SEO reseller who can research keywords and phrases, building content that send customers to your establishment.

2. Create At-Home Kits or Deliveries

If clients can come to you, get things to them. Many families have money to spend; they just can’t get out of the house. They’re either working, cooped up in quarantine or sitting with kids. Put together kits that allow them to do something creative or productive. Restaurants can set up pizza kits, cookie decorating or meal plans. Home stores should start snapping photos of decor, establishing packages for room makers. 

3. Establish an Outdoor Pop Up

Local neighborhoods have started allowing food trucks and venues to place tables and setups in driveways, allowing convenience and encouraging local support. It’s important to enforce social distancing, but this gets you in open air and within communities.

4. Evaluate Your Online Ordering System

How easily can others get into your venue through the computer? Are they able to see inventory, click it into a cart and have it sent to them? It’s not just food that can be dropped off at the door. Almost anything can be packaged and left. Snap pictures, and upload them. Then, be prepared to drive a bit.

It’s a stressful period. Breathe deep; then, focus on shifting how you cater to others. 

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