4 Tips for Keeping Your Hair Extensions in Great Shape

Whether you’re investing in synthetic or human hair extensions, it’s important that you keep them in great shape when they are not being worn. This will help to ensure that your extensions look their best when you do wear them and will also have the added benefit of ensuring that your extensions last for as long as is possible.

Be sure to always read the care instructions that come with your hair extensions. They will include instructions that are specific to your extensions.

Use appropriate styling products and tools

While you can treat your hair extensions as an extension of your own natural hair, there are some styling tools and products that are simply not good for use on extensions. According to the information about clip-in hair extensions on https://jadorehairsupplies.com.au/collections/clip-in-hair-extensions, it is suggested that you use only styling products that are labelled for use on hair extensions. You should also avoid using heat styling on your extensions, particularly curling tools. You can use warm but not hot styling on human hair extensions but it’s not recommended for use on synthetic hair extensions as they typically cannot handle much heat.

Don’t sleep with your clip-in hair extensions

It can be tempting to just collapse into bed after a long day or night out with friends. But if you’re wearing extensions, it’s better to first remove them. Sleeping with clip-in extensions in place can potentially damage your natural hair and also run the risk of doing permanent damage to your extensions.

It’s best to unclip the extensions and hang them up or otherwise secure them until you are able to comb them and put them away safely until next you want to wear them.

Keeping hair extensions clean

Our own natural hair is easy enough to clean, with a quick hop in the shower. Keeping your extensions maintained is not quite that easy but is simple enough if done right. Be sure to use mild shampoos designed for use on hair extensions. Carefully comb out the extensions so that they are tangle-free. Once clean, and tangle-free, allow the extensions to dry completely before you store them away. This will help to avoid the potential for mould and smells, which are two things that you definitely do not want with accessories that you wear.

The frequency you clean your extensions will depend largely on how often you wear them and on the type of hair products that you use on them. It’s not advisable to allow hair products, such as styling and hold gels, to build up on your extensions. Cleaning them between uses will help to protect the extensions so that they last for a long time.

Storing your extensions

Your hair extensions should be stored in a box or bag that will keep them from being damaged when not in use. You can also hang them up using hair extension hangers. There are some general rules for the storing of hair extensions that will help you to best protect your investment.

Wash the extensions and allow them to dry naturally. Comb them out so that they are tangle-free. Ensure that the clips are in the closed position and be sure that the extensions are dry before they are stored away. A bag made from cotton or another breathable material is the ideal choice for storing your clip-in hair extensions.

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