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5 Benefits of Compounding Pharmacy

In recent years, the popular compounding pharmacy system has gained much traction, becoming the most popular method of obtaining the right prescription. Even though it has existed for a long time, more people are now learning about its benefits, let alone the possibilities it creates for patients. The technique of pharmacy compounding combines art and science to develop customized medications for patients.

Generally, a trained pharmacist takes the prescription developed by a physician and combines it with individualized ingredients to come up with medication tailored to each patient. For this, the pharmacists work closely with physicians to ensure the patient’s unique needs are sufficiently addressed. This is exactly why there is a growing demand for compound pharmacists in the healthcare industry, especially in large, metropolitan cities such as Nashville, Tennessee. 

However, if you have been using retail pharmacies that dispense medications as ‘one size fits all’ solutions, read on. To help you make the right decision, this article discusses the five benefits of compounding pharmacy and why it is best for you.

  1. Get Alternative Dosage Forms

Based on personal preferences, many patients often want to change their form of dosage to increase the ease of consumption. In this case, compound pharmacies play a significant role in helping them meet their dosage form requirements. For instance, a patient with throat pain or mouth sores may find it easier to consume liquid medication than traditional pills that are hard to swallow.

Thus, if you, too, wish to change your form of dosage, look for a good compound pharmacy in Nashville to make your doctor-recommended treatment more comfortable. A compounding pharmacist can help you by gathering all the concerns and facts about your problem while preparing a dosage form that not only complies with the prescription but also suits you.

  1. Responsive To Patient Needs

Another great benefit of choosing compounding pharmacy over retail is that you can get medicines that are fully responsive to your needs. Patients with chronic conditions often find it difficult to get the treatment that suits them. While they try different options and avenues, they often fail to get the desired results, which becomes even more frustrating. Also, the situation is not just limited to patients suffering from terminal illnesses or other severe cases but also to people with chronic pain.

However, there can be an available drug that can effectively be used to treat chronic pain if taken in lower doses. Also, there is a very low risk of addiction while having a low-dose treatment. Such drugs in small doses are usually not compounded by big retail pharmacies, but compound pharmacies can be of great help to get these dosages. They can help by formulating drugs using raw ingredients, which can be taken in small doses to treat the condition, but only if your doctor prescribes them.

  1. Personalized Medication

If we talk about commercialized medicines, these are commonly produced with standard dosages like 500 mg, 400 mg, 300 mg, 250mg, 100mg, and 50mg. However, some prescriptions may require you to take a particular dosage. For instance, your physician may prescribe you a more maximum dosage or less than the smallest standard of dosage available in the market. In these cases, patients usually divide the tablet or pill into pieces, hoping to meet the prescribed dosage requirements.

However, one way to personalize your medication is to get it from a compounding pharmacy. These pharmacies can provide you with a better option of dosages or a more accurate dosage as prescribed by your physician, which may not be available in the market, helping you to meet your specific healthcare needs.

  1. Prevent Allergic Reactions

Almost all commercially manufactured medicines follow a set of ingredients and dosages without considering the allergic reactions or adverse effects they can have on some patients. Some of these ingredients that can trigger sensitivities or allergic reactions include flavorings, gluten, lactose, dyes, and alcohol.

On the other hand, compound medicines are tailored to produce positive effects on the body while curing the problem. In other words, compound pharmacy offers an avenue for producing medications that are well tolerated by patients and much safer for them.

  1. Cheaper Medicines

Compared to commercial drugs, medicines produced by compound pharmacies are often less costly. It is because these pharmacies have access to medical-grade and pure chemicals that help them produce low-cost medicines. Similarly, unlike other drugs, these pharmacies do not use designer dyes or patented preservatives from large drug companies, and thus, not using such patented ingredients results in huge savings, enabling them to produce drugs that are way cheaper than commercial drugs.


Compounding pharmacies combine or alter drugs to produce specific medications that fully address the exact needs of each patient. These pharmacies not only produce personalized medications that are responsive to patients’ needs and free from allergic reactions but also cheap, easily affordable medication. Since now you know the possible options available to you and the great benefits of compounding pharmacies, it’s time you start perfecting your medication and make an informed decision about your healthcare.

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