Singapore Chiropractor: Care and Treatment for Chronic Pain

Singapore Chiropractor: Care and Treatment for Chronic Pain

A treatment option when chronic back pain is present may be receiving treatments from a Singapore Chiropractor. Chronic pain is said to be pain that lasts for three months or more.

Several Singapore Chiropractor care treatments are widely available to manage and alleviate chronic pain caused by neck or back pain conditions, such as a herniated spine.

Causes of Chronic Pain That Can Be Treated by Singapore Chiropractor Treatments

Telling the cause of chronic pain can be quite challenging but Singapore Chiropractor’s expertise in assessing and diagnosing musculoskeletal disorders can locate the pain origins. Chronic pains are usually caused by some underlying conditions. These causative conditions can include the narrowing of the spinal canal thereby compressing nerves, joint inflammation, or inflammatory arthritis.

A reputable Singapore Chiropractor is trained in the assessment and diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders and can suggest an efficient, individualized treatment plan, or refer as needed. Spinal adjustments, spinal mobilizations, tractions, ultrasound procedures, and other modalities comprise therapies that alleviate pain. It may also involve counseling regarding lifestyle and exercise to strengthen and support the spine’s core muscles.

Other forms of chronic pain, usually recurrent, may come out in the form of headaches. Headaches can be debilitating and are considered chronic if experienced three months in a row. Numerous factors cause headaches which may include certain triggers (environmental or nutritional), radiating from the cervical spine or muscle systems, and stress.

Singapore Chiropractors can assess and aid the identification of pain’s potential sources. Depending on the examination findings, the Singapore Chiropractor modalities can treat primary causes of pain such as dysfunction in the joints, the tension in the muscles. They can also provide nutritional counseling to help address symptoms or decrease pain occurrence.

It may also be common for those patients with chronic conditions to suffer from other comorbidities as well. Sometimes co-management from a team of healthcare professions may be necessary to better manage the patient’s needs. Singapore Chiropractors are willing to partner with these healthcare providers for the patient’s effective treatment of experienced pain and accompanying comorbidities.

What Singapore Chiropractor Chiropractic Care Is

Singapore Chiropractors use hands-on spinal adjustments and other alternative modalities or treatments. They practice in line with the theory that the musculoskeletal structure’s proper alignment, especially the spine, in the human body, allows the body to heal on its own without needing medication or surgery. Manipulations are used to restore joint mobility to tissues injured by traumatic events, like falls, repetitive stresses, or prolonged sitting with improper back support.

Chiropractic care and treatments are commonly used as alternatives for the relief of pain in the muscles, joints, bones, ligaments, and tendons. It is also used in combination with conventional medical regimens.

What a Singapore Chiropractor Treatment for Back Pain Involves

The Singapore Chiropractor team must first secure the patient’s medical history. They can also perform physical examinations and utilize laboratory or diagnostic imaging procedure results to determine appropriate back pain treatments.

The Singapore Chiropractor treatment plan may entail several manual adjustment sessions where joints are manipulated using a sudden but controlled force to improve quality and range of motion. A lot of Singapore Chiropractors also integrate rehabilitation or exercise and nutritional aspects into the treatment plan. A Singapore Chiropractor’s goal of care includes functional restoration and injury prevention in addition to the relief of back pain.

What Are The Benefits and Risks in Singapore Chiropractor Treatments

Considered as an effective and safe treatment, the spinal adjustments and chiropractic care from a Singapore Chiropractor can be utilized for both acute and chronic musculoskeletal pains. Acute pain is more common than chronic pain – pain that lasts for not more than 6 weeks and frequently resolves on its own.

Statistics show that Singapore Chiropractic care is also effective to treat neck pain and headaches. Additionally, osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia also respond to the pressure given by chiropractors and other providers of moderate deep tissue massage.

Research has also confirmed that some modalities such as prolotherapy or sclerotherapy used by Singapore Chiropractors, osteopaths, and medical practitioners in treating chronic back pain as highly effective. This therapy involves the injection of sugar water or an anesthetic in the back ligaments in the hope of strengthening them.

Patients who have contraindicated conditions such as spinal cord compressions, osteoporosis, inflammatory arthritis, and those with taking blood-thinning medications, should not undergo spinal adjustments. Also, patients with cancer histories must obtain prior clearance from their attending doctors before they can undergo spinal adjustments or manipulation.

All Singapore Chiropractor treatment is based on a correct diagnosis of back pain. The chiropractic team should be well-informed, and thorough when taking the patient’s medical history such as current medical conditions, present medications, surgical history, history of injuries, and lifestyle factors. There are still cases when treatment worsens a slipped disk or cervical manipulation results in spinal cord injuries albeit rare.

To ensure safety, consultation with the patient’s attending medical doctor is a must to make sure the patient benefits from Singapore Chiropractor treatments or other alternative pain relief methods.

2 Types of Pain Management to Note in Singapore Chiropractor Care

Pain management often deals with two categories of pain. They are intractable pain and chronic pain. Learn more which one can be helped treated with a Singapore Chiropractor chiropractic care:

  • Intractable Pain This term was first coined in World War II and defined as the clinical definition of soldiers requiring the opioid, morphine, for constant pain. To date, patients with intractable pain are in severe, persistent pain that takes over their lives. This type of pain is frequently with powerful medications and even surgery, and not Singapore Chiropractic care.
  • Chronic Pain – Chronic pain is an ongoing pain that persists more than an expected time frame. It may or may not respond to common pain management methods. Singapore Chiropractors can treat chronic pains. They employ various non-surgical modalities to address symptoms by relieving inflammation and muscle tension.

Singapore Chiropractor Chiropractic Treatment and Exercise

The good news for chronic pain patients is that conservative care is readily available. Singapore Chiropractor care can help alleviate symptoms and correct underlying causes while still recommending appropriate exercises to keep the body moving.

Work with a reputable Singapore Chiropractor to develop the most suitable treatment plan for chronic pains. Once pain is fully gone, patients may gradually increase their activities of daily activities.

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