3 Safe Ways to Remove Pubic Hair for Men

Time to up your manscaping game! When it comes to grooming your privates, choose the products that are safe for the sensitive area. Razors are definitely not one of them. Down there, the skin is softer, the hair is coarser, and you have the delicate genitals. A nick or cut can injure the organs and might even send you to the hospital. Nightmare, right? 

Then how to remove pubic hair without shaving? There are several easy ways. While procedures like laser hair removal can be safe, the cost per session is quite high. Plus it’s a long-term treatment, not permanent. 

That being said, here are 3 safe, budget-friendly and easy ways to get rid of pubic hair in men.

Use a Hair Removal Soap For Men

Call it a soap or cream, just go for it. Benefits? 

  • There are no risks and cuts because a good hair removal cream comes with a gentle spatula.
  • You can depilate quickly, often within 5 minutes!
  • You won’t be left with a prickly stubble but a smooth, neat look. The hair is dissolved close to the roots and removed. So, it grows back finer and late.
  • A good depilatory cream is dermatologically tested safe and able to keep the skin hydrated for up to 1 day.
  • The best hair removal soap (cream) for men comes with different formulations for sensitive and normal skin types. So, it’s tailored to your skin requirements.
  • The fragrance technology can mask any lingering body odour. Bonus!

How to use this cream? If it comes with a spatula, you can apply the product using the spatula. Leave it for a few minutes. Then glide the tool in the opposite direction of hair growth. Clean the depilated area very well. Then pat dry. You’re done!

Wax it the Smart Way

Imagine hot wax on your delicate privates. Ouch! Also, visiting the salon means a long wait and privacy breach. So, try the safer, painless, fast at-home alternative—ready-to-use cold wax strips. If they’re available for “full body”, you can use them for your private parts too. 

Just apply a strip in the direction of hair growth, wait for some time, and pull in the opposite direction. You can even cut the strips to depilate accurately. The hair won’t regrow before 4 weeks. 


  • Seek different formulations for normal, sensitive and dry skin.
  • Wax strips automatically exfoliate the skin. 
  • The fragrance technology can lock odour. 
  • The formulations can even moisturize and pamper the skin. 

Bring on a Sensitive Touch Electric Trimmer

Having the penis shaved means taking a big risk. But trimming it can be safe if you choose the right product. Grab a sensitive touch electric trimmer whose blades don’t touch your skin. So, no nicks and cuts! The different trimming heads of a good product can depilate narrow or wide areas with accuracy. 

Remember to do a patch test on a small area before trying any product. If you choose a good-quality hair removal option, rest assured to groom safely and perfectly!

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