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5 Great Ideas for your First Post-Covid Holiday

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We are all hoping that the New Year sees the departure of the Covid-19 pandemic, which has seriously impacted every part of the world, with travel restrictions, social distancing and, of course, lockdowns. If your mind is already thinking about your 2021 holiday, here are a few novel holiday ideas to consider.

  1. Charter a Luxury Yacht – With top-notch yacht charter in Singapore, you can choose a suitable vessel (catamaran of yacht) with a professional crew to take you on a tour of the Andaman Sea and along the Malaysian coast. If you join up with a few friends, it makes the cost more affordable and you get to choose where you go and how long you stay at any one location, while experiencing the wonders of a tropical region that has so much to offer.
  2. Ice Diving in Antarctica – You would need to have a minimum of 30 dry-suit dives to be able to join an ice diving expedition, and if you are sufficiently experienced, the trip organiser provides the tanks and weights, while you bring your own scuba gear. If your partner does not dive, the expedition offers non-divers a great experience, with marine life observation and the chance to be around hundreds of penguins, with some on-land excursions. There’s little doubt that innovative technology is improving our lives in so many ways, as this article points out.
  3. Trekking the Andes in Peru – If you would like to experience the sheer beauty of the Andes mountain range, search online for trekking tour operators in Peru, which happens to be one of the most popular holiday destinations since 2018. You would need a couple of weeks to acclimatise to the high altitude, then you an experience the amazing views from the Andes peaks, as you trek for about 7-10 days, depending on which route you choose. Not only will you experience the Andes, you will also become a lot fitter and if losing weight is in your plans, this is the trip to book.
  4. Luxury African Safari – If you have yet to see the big 5, why not book a safari holiday in Namibia, which offers you a diverse range of wildlife, with some spectacular beaches too. There are tour operators that will happily help you tailor the holiday and with an English-speaking guide, you get to learn all about the country, its people and, of course, the wildlife. There are quite a few countries that offer African safaris, with Kenya the most established (and the most expensive), while Namibia is relatively new to the safari industry, and you can find some great deals if you search online.
  5. Motorhome Rental – Wherever you live, you can rent a motorhome and take the family on a mystery tour, and as your accommodation is also your transport, this type of holiday is cheap when compared to staying at a resort. You can experience a whole new level of freedom and independence – motorhomes use solar energy – so you can disappear from the radar for a few days and enjoy the natural beauty.

By planning your 2021 holiday now, you will avoid the big rush that will be the result of the pandemic officially being over and you and your family can look forward to an unforgettable holiday.

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