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Top Natural Mouse Repellents that Actually Work

Estimates suggest there are 20 billion mice in the world. Although no one can know for certain how many there are. Of course, there are many different varieties of mice, you’re not going to see all of them in your lifetime. But that doesn’t change the feeling of dread that passes over you when you see one running across your kitchen floor.

The short story is that mice are dangerous. That’s why you should click here and get hold of a local pest expert to help you eliminate the issue. 

Mice carry an array of diseases that can be passed onto humans and will make you ill. Sickness can be mild or life-threatening, depending on the disease. It’s worth noting that although mice can bite, they rarely bite humans. Instead, the disease is passed through their feces and urine, or from the bacteria on their feet. 

Let’s face it, mice run across some pretty unsanitary surfaces, they then run across your kitchen floor and your worktops. They leave a trail of invisible bacteria which you can consume next time you prepare food on the same surface

That’s why you need to find out more info about your local pest control expert. They’ll help you deal with the issue. But, before you get an issue you can try the following natural mice repellants.

 Remove Food

Mice can smell food and will find their way to it. To eliminate this attraction you’ll want to store all food in sealed containers, put the pet food away overnight, and clean all floors and surfaces with disinfectant to ensure the mouse doesn’t detect food.

If there is nothing encouraging them to come in, you’re less likely to have an issue.

Entry Points

A follow up to taking away the incentive to come in is to prevent them from getting in. Walk around the outside of your house and look for small gaps and cracks. Mice can get through a space the size of a coin. 

Block up all potential entry points, steel wool is an effective cover as mice can’t chew through it.

Peppermint Oil

Mice don’t like peppermint oil. It’s also said that they don’t like cayenne pepper and cloves. Soak some cotton wool in your preferred scent and leave them where you’ve seen mice or where they are most likely to hide. The smell will prevent them from staying there. 

Get A Cat

Perhaps one of the most natural approaches is to get yourself a cat. Most cats are excellent at hunting mice. All you have to do is let the cat be itself and decide whether you’ll let it kill the mouse or not.


It’s possible to get humane traps that will entice a mouse in with bait and then close, trapping them. You can then remove the trap and free the mouse somewhere else. Of course, if you’re going to adopt this approach you need to make sure they can’t get back into your home!

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