5 Things You Must Know Before Going for a Facial

Whether it’s to clear your pores, improve your hydration, or to reduce stress levels, there are many reasons why millions of us go for facials. Looking after the skin you’re in should be your top concern.

So, if you’ve had multiple facials before, or are going for your first, here are five things you must know in advance, so you know what to expect.

Go Gentle

To get the results you want from your facial, you must give your skin a little tender loving care beforehand. Your skin must be in good condition to make sure it’s not irritated by any facial procedure. It’s advised to avoid exfoliating or use any peels the night before as this can cause excess irritation once the procedure is finished. 

Side Effects Can Occur

No matter what type of skin you have, or how much you look after it, side effects can and do occur from facial procedures. The most common side effects you may experience are irritation and redness. If you’ve never had a facial before, it’s best to speak with your facialist beforehand to discuss what side effects can occur. Other side effects of a facial include scarring and dryness. 

Certain Medications Can Affect Results

Before heading for a facial, you must take stock of any medication you are taking. Some medications can thin your blood and increase the risk of bruising during a facial. Over the counter medication like ibuprofen can potentially interfere with facial treatments. So, it’s best to avoid taking them a couple of days before your treatment. If you aren’t sure of the risks, it’s advised to speak with your doctor first who will advise you further on whether the medication you’re taking will have any effects on your facial and whether it’s safe to stop taking it. 

Breakouts Can Happen

One of the common steps in a standard facial is a facial extraction. Should this not be performed correctly, this can lead to acne breakouts. If this kind of procedure is what you’re looking for, it’s recommended to pick a facialist who has a medical degree as this will put your mind at ease and ensure they complete the process properly. Many facialists may not have the credentials to carry out such procedures, but don’t be nervous to ask for qualifications. How often you have a facial can also determine the likelihood of an acne breakout

Results Can Take Time

When going for a facial, many people expect to see instant results. While some treatments will show a huge difference right away, other procedures will have a different timeline. For those undergoing a laser treatment, you can expect to see results within the first 24 hours. If you experience irritation and redness after your facial, you may not see results until a week after the procedure. 

No matter the reasoning behind your facial, knowing what to expect before the treatment will keep you safe and protected. There are tons of luxurious treatments that are great for exfoliating, cleansing, and healing your skin and doing your research will give you a better idea of what to expect.

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