6 Best Hairstyles For A Professional Look

We can all agree that walking into the office daily with the same hairstyle is dull and monotonous. But have you ever thought of how you’d look if you twisted your hair a bit here and there? It’ll scale up your hairstyle and make your work life more exciting.  

Again, there’s that feeling that comes with trying to make a good impression. It’s normal to wonder if you look the part. After all, you can’t ignore the social norm of dressing for the job. 

While how you dress plays a crucial role in how your colleagues perceive you, take note that how you fashion your hair is just as important. You can decide to tie your locks elegantly or choose to let your hair down, loose and wild.  

But remember that in the corporate setting, your hair can be a crucial determinant of whether the odds will be stacked in your favor or against you. 

How To Achieve A Professional Look 

The key to success is self-confidence. And preparation contributes to self-confidence, so pay careful attention to your attire and grooming to exude professionalism at work.  

Are you ready for some excellent ideas for professional hairstyles? Are you looking forward to your job interview and wondering what hairstyle is best? Or are you thinking of leveling up your hairstyle at your current job? Then you’re in the right place. But hey, make sure you check out your company’s Grooming at Work policy.  

Dear men, do you want a flashy, modish haircut yet maintain a professional look? Or do you wish to sport a style that reveals your own personality? You’re probably wondering how you can achieve both simultaneously. Read on to learn about six attractive yet easy hairstyles for men and women that’ll give you a professional look: 

  1. Smooth With A Side Part 

This works best for straight hair. It’s generally regarded as a long bob with a side part. The side part brings out stylishness and class, especially if you’re a lady who frequents those elegant boardrooms. 

  1. Add Some Texture 

Is your hair short? Do you want to score extra points and enhance your professional image? Well, head to your favorite salon and ask an expert hairdresser to add texture to your short hair. Doing so would keep your hair from looking flat and gloomy in your next presentation.  

Besides creating an elegant and modern appearance, a textured crop will make your hair look tidy and put-together. After applying a texturizing spray, make sure you’ve sprayed on all the damp strands and give them a few minutes to dry for more volume and definition.  

  1. Short And Wavy 

Soft waves can make your short hair look elegant and contemporary. The good thing is that you can choose either a side part or the middle part. Just work out the style that fits you and your position.  

If you’re going for a job interview, pick the middle part. The middle part is commonly perceived as serious, while a side part gives the impression of being more approachable. 

  1. Loose And Straight 

If your hair is neither long nor short, don’t worry about it. There’s a perfect solution for you too. By wearing your hair loose and straight, you’ll achieve a more professional look. 

Just ensure that if your hair is medium length, keep the strands healthy and prevent split ends by getting regular trims. You can also spice things up by applying serum to your hair before your big conference to increase the sparkle and help keep stray hair at bay. 

  1. Classic Taper 

Widely known as the businessman’s haircut, the classic taper is an ageless hairstyle ideal for any profession. It comes across as sophisticated and professional, and you know what? It does so naturally.  

If you love to binge-watch courtroom dramas, you’ve probably seen the classic taper hairstyle countless times. It’s perfect for you if you want to go for a minimalist and classic look. 

  1. Pompadour 

If you have a lot of hair that’s curly and wavy, chances are you’ll find it challenging to find a decent hairstyle that’s appropriate for work. Perhaps you’ve stopped searching. In this case, go for a short or tight pompadour. It’s the perfect fix you’ve been looking for.  

Pompadour is essentially an attention-grabbing hairstyle. If you’re a rock and roll fan, you might know that it’s a style favored by rock and roll artists such as Little Richard.  

A short and mild pompadour will come in handy when you need to simultaneously manage curly or wavy hair, leaving you with a neat, professional appearance. 

Final Thoughts 

It might be for personal or work purposes, but the fact remains that finding the best hairstyles can be challenging, particularly if you don’t know where and how to start.  

So, before you schedule an appointment with your hairstylist, consider these professional hairstyles suitable for men and women. After choosing the style that suits you best, you can proudly say: My head, my hair, my choice! 

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