7 Essential Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

Did you know that the number of motorcycle fatalities increases each passing year?

In fact, it increases at an average of 5.1% each year. It’s also a known fact that motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to suffer from fatalities compared to passenger car occupants.

This makes it all the more important to practice motorcycle safety tips. Don’t put your life on the line!

But don’t worry, we’ve got all the important tips summarized here for you. Read on and learn some safety precautions to help avoid crashes.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

You need a different set of skills when operating a motorcycle. But that doesn’t mean you don’t need consistent education, traffic laws knowledge, and basic common sense. You also need motorcycle insurance like other motorists.

Here are some good motorcycle safety tips:

1. Wear the Right Gear

Ensure that you’re wearing the right attire when motorcycling. It helps decrease injuries in case you get to an accident. That means you need to wear leather clothes, boots, and gloves.

2. Follow Traffic Rules

Always obey the speed limit. The faster you run, the longer it takes for you to stop. That’s why it’s always necessary to know the traffic rules no matter where you are.

3. Drive Defensively

Always assume drivers can’t see you. You need to remember that about two-thirds of all motorcycle accidents happen due to a driver violating the rider’s right of way. That’s why you need to ride while turning your headlights on and stay away from the drivers’ blind spot.

4. Educate Yourself

Before getting a motorcycle, complete a riding education program first. Get your license and take as many riding courses as you can. This helps in developing your riding techniques and sharpen your road strategies.

5. Ride Sober and Alert

Drinking and riding will cause harm to both yourself and other people. If you’re tired and drowsy, you won’t have a good reaction time. That’s why it’s important to rest well and stay sober when hitting the road.

6. Invest in Antilock Brakes

This is available for a wide variety of models, and a lot of people say it’s a lifesaver. Studies show that motorcycles that have these are 37% less likely to get into a fatal crash. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are—invest in one!

7. Use Helmets

A lot of riders have a negative perception of helmets. But it’s important to know that you’re 40% more at risk of a fatal head injury without a helmet. You’re also three times more likely to get brain injuries from crashes if you don’t wear your safety helm.

Learn the Best Motorcycle Tips Today!

Don’t hesitate to pore over these motorcycle safety tips and other safety articles. It’s better to over prepare than to be sorry during a crash accident.

But why stop here? We have more to discuss regarding motorcycle safety. If you want more, check out our other posts and learn more while having fun. We have a wide array of topics that can make your time well spent.

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