Alpha Arbutin Side Effects, Is Arbutin Safe for Skin Lightening? Reviews

What are the side effects of alpha arbutin on skin? Hydroquinone vs. Alpha arbutin, which one is safer? Is Alpha arbutin safe for skin whitening, bleaching and lightning. Does kojic acid soap contain alpha arbutin ingredient? Here are the risks and dangers of using this compound on your skin.

Women and men desiring to have a whiter skin, brighter skin or a lighter skin tone mostly encounter prescriptions of d-kojic acid, alpha arbutin or hydroquoinone. These three are also effective in removing brown spots on Skin, Age Spots, Sun Spots And Dark Spots. They Are Powerful Bleaching Agents.

Alpha Arbutin Side Effects on Skin on Face
Reddening of skin and rashes may be a side effect for sensitive skin.

Info on Arbutin – What Is Arbutin Used For?

Let’s get a few quick facts. What is this powerful bleaching agent used for? What does  it do and what does it contain?

  • Whereas Alpha arbutin may be prescribed, you can get it over the counter (OTC) and comes at a cheaper cost.
  • One of the benefits of alpha arbutin is that it lightens dark skin fast and gets rid of melasma spots. That is why African Americans and other people looking to lighten their skin tone by a shade or two may opt for arbutin cream for skin bleaching.
  • How does arbutin cream work? It inhibits the production of tyrosinase enzyme responsible for melanin production. That way, it will give you a lighter skin tone. But is this safe?
  • According to Lotion Crafters, “a 1 percent solution in clinical tests resulted in faster and better skin lightening after testing against other products” such as hydroquinone and kojic acid based products like soaps and skin creams. []
  • Results of skin whitening with arbutin cream are fast, usually 2 to 3 months. Now, here’s a list of alpha arbutin side effects starting with whether it is generally safe for topical use on skin.

Is Alpha Arbutin Safe?

Meladerm is one of the best skin lightening creams for African Americans. Notably, it contains alpha arbutin as an ingredient. That is why it is said to have fast results bleaching dark spots and other blemish marks on the skin. It is very safe to use alpha arbutin on your skin.

It is argued that naturally-sourced arbutin does not have side effects and safety issues for the user. For example, Meladerm skin lightening cream contains arbutin harvested from Bear Berry, which is completely natural. If the compound is sourced from synthetic sources such as hydroquinone, it is said to be unsafe for topical use on the skin.

However, in alkaline conditions, arbutin converts into hydroquinone, which means that it becomes unsafe in some circumstances. The skin does not have an alkaline environment, that is why arbutin does not hydrolyze into hydroquinone. So, is alpha arbutin safe? Yes, but not hydroquinone. In a nutshell, concentration of 3-4 % is safe. So, what are the side effects anyway?

Alpha arbutin side effects on skin lightening
Arbutin Powder

Alpha Arbutin Side Effects – Arbutin Cream for Lightening Skin

For fast skin lightening, dermatologists recommend kojic acid and hydroquinone. Arbutin is an ingredient that fights aging signs and is found in some of the best anti-aging creams. Does arbutin work? Most products work just fine, but you should expect some minor side effects, which we are going to list below even when it is obtained naturally.

  • Skin irritation and mild acne in some instances may show as symptoms of side effects
  • Your skin will become more sensitive to sun exposure and may cause you sunburn when using alpha arbutin cream.

Arbutin and Kojic Acid Cream Side Effects 20

Kojic acid is a safe ingredient in most skin whitening products. For faster results, a dermatologist may recommend products with kojic acid and alpha arbutin in order to lighten dark skin. However, under ordinary circumstances, it is possible to get alpha arbutin side effects as well as kojic acid cream side effects. Here are the main side effects of using kojic acid cream on skin for lightening.

  • Skin irritation especially in high concentrations. Note that kojic acid in skin whitening products is safe since the concentration is low. You can buy kojic acid soap, as it is safe for your skin.
  • Prolonged use may cause allergic contact dermatitis according to the manufacturer.
  • Large amounts of kojic acid cream may cause “liver, kidney, reproductive, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal and respiratory side effects.” [].
  • Increased sensitivity: If you use kojic acid for a long time, your skin will become sensitive.

Alpha Arbutin Vs. Hydroquinone Products & Side Effects

Which of these two should you use? Alpha arbutin vs. hydroquinone. There is a thin line between these two products. Alpha arbutin products are much preferred and approved by FDA while hydroquinone as used for skin whitening is banned in many European countries.

Skin Lightening Before and after
Skin Lightening Before and after
Itchy Skin side effect of alpha arbutin on sensitive skin
Itchy Skin side effect of alpha arbutin on sensitive skin.
  • Side effects of alpha arbutin are not similar to those of hydroquinone because the two work in different ways.
  • Arbutin does not hydrolyze into hydroquinone, which means that you will not experience the side effects of hydroquinone on skin for bleaching.
  • While arbutin safely regulates the production of melanin, hydroquinone is not safe because it becomes cytotoxic to melanocytes.

Alpha Arbutin Reviews of Cream, Powder & Arbutin Soap Reviews

There are many alpha arbutin products on the market today. Most of these such as arbutin serums are used for skin bleaching, fading dark spots, age spots and other bleaching uses. From reviews and alpha arbutin before and after photos, you can see that creams, soaps and other products work just fine in fading dark spots and lightening skin.

Testimonials on alpha arbutin side effects are very few and mostly from people who misused it. Here are a few reviews of using arbutin to lighten skin.

  • “Use on my dark spots on the back of my hands and upper lip. After a couple of days I can clearly see my dark spots are less dark.” [ – Alpha Arbutin White Cream Review]
  • “My uneven skin start showing improvement! I’m on my second jar, and also using the Alpha-Arbutin lotion and White Sunscreen, and the results are impressing.” [ – Alpha Arbutin White Cream Review]
  • “It has been shown to work effectively on all skin types.” []
  • “Is it better than kojic acid… yes, it supposedly is because kojic acid is very unstable.” []

BOTTOMLINE: Is Alphpa arbutin safe? Yes, and has very minor risks and side effects, none of which are skin cancer.  From these reviews, you can whiten skin by applying arbutin products such as meladerm cream and others such as soaps and even the powder. Note that it is very important to get the right concentration to prevent any side effects and risks. In case you end up with the side effects and symptoms you think are dangerous, see a doctor as soon as possible and stop its use.

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