Does Hydrogen Peroxide Lighten Skin? Here’s How to Use It

Can hydrogen peroxide lighten your skin? Here’s how to use hydrogen peroxide to bleach skin and dark spots on black skin. Peroxide is used to lighten hair and whiten teeth, but can you use it to whiten skin? Let’s find out how dark skin and face lightening with peroxide is possible.

  • Can hydrogen peroxide lighten your skin?
  • Can hydrogen peroxide bleach your skin?
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  • Can hydrogen peroxide lighten dark spots skin?

    Can hydrogen peroxide lighten skin
    Simulated results.

You can lighten your skin using commercial skin bleaching products such as over the counter pills, skin lightening soaps and skin lightening creams. However, when you want to do it at home, you can choose to use cheap bleaching agents such as hydrogen peroxide. Make sure you get food grade hydrogen peroxide for this. It is said to be effective and can get rid of dark spots on skin as well as give you a lighter shade or complexion.

Here’s something you might not know too. Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening is something that has been around for some time now, with people saying it works to bleach arm hair very well. But what are the other uses of this household chemical? You can use hydrogen peroxide to do the following at home:

  • Clean up wounds and prevent infection
  • Whiten teeth or bleach discolored teeth
  • Treating wounds and minor burns and scalds
  • Used for cleaning food products

Other than these, one of the most important questions is, is hydrogen peroxide good for skin whitening? What are the real facts about using this chemical to obtain a lighter skin tone? Below, we will look at how to use it to bleach dark skin and whether it is safe to use hydrogen peroxide for bleaching skin. But first, what else can you use for the same purpose?

What Else Lightens Skin?

Creams and soaps for skin bleaching are also available. You may look for skin lightening creams with H2O2 as an ingredient, but those are definitely not many. Here are top rated and best skin bleaching products you can also use as an alternative,

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Lighten Skin?

Is skin bleaching using hydrogen peroxide possible? Well, this chemical is commonly used as a household bleaching agent. It can remove stains and also help in lightening hair. However, according to many reviews and before and after pictures, people have used it to whiten skin before.

Although most skin whiteners such as bleaching creams and even skin products like bleaching soap are the most preferred for obtaining a lighter tone, hydrogen peroxide is mostly one of the ingredients found in these creams.

How Does Hydrogen Peroxide Bleach Skin?

The reason why it is used for dark skin bleaching is that it is acidic and “works by exfoliating the top layer of skin.” [] As a result, newer skin cells grow, which appear to be lighter than the older ones. So, can hydrogen peroxide lighten skin? Yes, you will end up with a lighter complexion, when new skin cells emerge.

From this concept, it is important to know that while you will get a new set of skin cells that will make you lighter or whiter by a shade or two, the effect of using hydrogen peroxide on your skin may be temporary. As you expose yourself to sun, go for tanning and other things that cause skin to be dark, you might still end up with a darker complexion.

Does Hydrogen Peroxide Lighten Skin with Ammonia & Baking Soda?

Food grade hydrogen peroxide is used for lightening skin. Some people recommend using it with baking soda and ammonia to give the best results of bleaching black African American skin. When mixing peroxide with baking soda as a skin lightening solution, ensure that you keep the concentration of the hydrogen peroxide low. The same thing when using ammonia to lighten skin alongside with the peroxide treatment.

For acne spots fading
For acne spots fading
Hydrogen peroxide fades black spots
Hydrogen peroxide fades black spots. (results before and after)

A combination of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda is normally used to whiten teeth, but some reviews have shown that it can be used as one of the best home remedies for skin whitening and bleaching. Below is how to apply hydrogen peroxide to the skin to bleach it.

How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Lighten Skin

So, what is the procedure of using HP to bleach skin and dark spots? While some sources say that using benzoyl peroxide to whiten skin is a better option, HP will definitely give you faster results – though temporary as compared to skin lightening surgery. Here’s the procedure on how to use hydrogen peroxide to bleach skin.


  • 2 and a half spoons of flour
  • Some water
  • 1 spoonful of milk
  • 2 spoons of hydrogen peroxide


So, how long will it take for you to see results? After a few weeks of application, your skin will lighten by one or two shades. You may quicken the results by mixing HP with lemon juice, which is also good for bleaching skin and also getting rid of fine lines.

  1. Make a paste by mixing the ingredients listed above.
  2. Ensure you add water moderately so that you do not end up with a soup-like mixture.
  3. Once the paste is ready, apply a generous amount to your face as you normally do with your facemasks.
  4. Leave the hydrogen peroxide face mask on your face for about 15 minutes. This will prep your skin for exfoliation.
  5. Gently wash your face with clean water.
  6. Pat dry with a clean, soft towel.

For dark spots and other blemishes, dab a small cotton ball in 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and apply on the dark spots and patches. Leave it for about 10 minutes and wash off with clean water. Pat dry. Do this for about two weeks and voila! The stubborn dark spots are gone!

Can Hydrogen Peroxide Lighten Dark Spots Skin?

Hydrogen peroxide not only bleaches skin but also bleaches discoloration marks and dark spots. If you have age spots, dark spots, liver spots and acne scars, you can use HP to lighten the blemishes up. It is widely known that the best skin bleaching creams use fast-acting ingredients such as hydrogen peroxide.

For this reason, you can use a low concentration of HP on the blemishes and dark spots, or areas of your skin with dark discoloration patches to fade them away.

Side Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide for Bleaching Skin (Is it Safe?)

Is hydrogen peroxide good for skin? Expect to experience some side effects when you use hydrogen peroxide on your skin in an improper way. Apart from the obvious outcomes of whitening dark-toned skin, it will lighten hair on your skin. So, if you have dark hairs on your face, or arms, you will end up with light-colored hair.

Another side effect is that hydrogen peroxide can burn your skin. Being acidic, it is likely to cause “irritation at the site of contact.” However, very dilute hydrogen peroxide is recommended when it is being used on the skin for whitening purposes. A 3 percent concentration is safe for topical use.

Back to our question: Is hydrogen peroxide safe for everyday use on skin? When you have the right concentration, it is not harmful to the skin. But when you apply highly concentrated HP, you will end up with a burning skin feeling.

Hydrogen peroxide skin bleaching before and afer
Before and after a few weeks of using HP.
Before and after Hp
Before and after Hp

Reviews of Using Hydrogen Peroxide on Skin & Before and After Pictures

Here’s what users gave as their testimonials of using HP to lighten their skin. As it is common with other skin bleaching agents, this may or may not work for everyone as the reviews promise.

“…the lightening effect does fade over time allowing pigment to be restored.” []

“H. Peroxide cannot be used to lighten skin, it does not inhibit melanin production.” []

“I’m a teen and it worked miracles for my skin…” [ reviews]

Check out the before and after photos included.

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