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Are CBD Flowers Legal In The UK?

Many of us will have heard of CBD and some of the most popular products, like CBD oil and capsules – but did you know you can take advantage of this substance in its most natural form? CBD flowers must go through a process of drying and curing to ensure the finest product that can offer some of the best health benefits. Often, even the best CBD products can get a bad reputation because they come from the cannabis plant, but they are perfectly safe. Read on to find out more about CBD flowers, the manufacturing process, and legalities.

What are CBD flowers? 

CBD flowers are some of the most natural CBD products. They come in the form of flowers that have been cured, dried, trimmed and processed to ensure the highest quality CBD, no matter what you’re using it for. You can benefit from a variety of CBD flowers in different strengths and strains, to benefit your general health, or as a way of targeting a specific physical or mental condition. If you choose CBD flowers over other types of CBD products, they will be sealed and packaged to maintain freshness.

How do you use them? 

CBD flowers come in the form of a bud – so it’s not surprising that many of us aren’t quite sure how to use them! There are a few ways in which you can implement CBD flowers into your daily routine – one of the most popular ways is to smoke it. Grinding your CBD flowers means you can roll them into a Rizla-style paper, to smoke them like a cigarette or joint. If you’d prefer, you can purchase CBD flowers in the form of pre-rolled joints so you can save time. You can also smoke them in the form of a vape, which is one of the best ways as it doesn’t result in the combustion of the CBD product itself, meaning you can get your recommended dose more easily. Smoking is said to be one of the best ways to take CBD as more of it is absorbed into the body in comparison to other methods like taking it orally. 

Of course, not all of us smoke – you can use CBD flowers in food, by infusing them with butter, or baking them into sweet treats. 

Are they legal? 

CBD flowers are legal in the UK. Manufacturers must follow strict guidelines before their products can make it to the shelves, either in health stores or pharmacies. This is so that customers can have peace of mind that their CBD flowers do not contain over 0.2% of THC. This is the substance that is responsible for the psychoactive effects that come with cannabis when it’s used as a drug – it is illegal in the UK. All CBD products that are sold in the UK should contain no more than 0.2% of this substance so that it’s safe to take and free of side effects. Like every CBD product, brands that manufacture and process these flowers must have them third-party tested so that you can be sure that you’re getting a safe-to-take, high-quality health product. 

What are the benefits? 

So, why take CBD flowers? There is a range of health benefits that comes with this product whether you choose to smoke them or implement them into your diet, such as: 

  • Anti-inflammatory pain relief: When you inhale CBD, it interacts with the endocannabinoid system within the body, and creates an anti-inflammatory effect. As well as this, the substance changes the way receptors in the system react to pain, which means you can soothe conditions like arthritis, or pain from injuries, whilst reducing swelling. 
  • Improved sleep: Sleep is an essential part of life – suffering from insomnia, or prolonged periods of interrupted sleep can have a detrimental impact on your physical and mental health. CBD can relax the body and balance the production of stress chemicals in the brain so you can benefit from a good, uninterrupted night’s sleep. 
  • Rest and relaxation: Ensuring that you take time to relax and unwind is essential to avoid becoming overworked and burnt out – giving your mind and body a rest means you can feel happier in general and ready to tackle the day ahead. CBD can help calm overthinking, soothe your racing mind, and reduce tension around the body. 

Skin conditions: Many skincare companies have started to introduce CBD flowers into their products – the anti-inflammatory benefits can soothe sore, angry skin conditions like acne to produce a softer, rejuvenated complexion when used regularly.

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