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Bellabe Facial Hair Remover Reviews & How to Use Bellabe Facial Hair Remover

Bellabe facial hair remover is a popular hair remover spring. Learn how to use Bellabe facial hair remover, if it is possible to get Bellabe facial remover in stores and what people have to say about the product in Bellabe facial hair remover reviews.

How to Use Bellabe Facial Hair Remover

After purchasing it, it is likely to wonder how to use bellabe facial hair remover. Every purchase of the remover comes with an instructions leaflet. It also contains visual aids in the form of diagrams showing directions for use, tips, maintenance and cleaning methods.

The remover comes with two handles between which is a spring. To use it, one should hold the handles and flex the spring to form an inverted “U”. It is then placed on the face in this position while ensuring that the “U” remains constant. The handles are then rolled between the fingers inwards and outwards continuously. This action rolls the spring as well which makes the hairs to get trapped. The continued rolling pulls out the hair from the roots and yields a plucking sensation.

The rolling should be continued over the same area until one gets rid of all the hair they intended to. However, when dealing with fine hairs, it doesn’t have to be flexed so much. One can straighten it a bit so that it is not so curved.

Using the tool is no hard thing and one is likely to get the hang of it within a few tries. With growing familiarity there is ease of use. One also becomes comfortable using it.

Since each individual has different levels of skin sensitivity, there are those that will experience a tingling sensation while for others Bellabe may be too sensitive for them. This could be attributed to the fact that the hair gets plucked from the root. After the first few uses, the sensitivity reduces. The upper and lower lips tend to be the most sensitive. It is therefore advisable to start using it from other parts of the face such as chin and jawline. Some redness maybe experienced after the process.

The effects of Bellabe hair removal vary since hair regrowth after its use is dependent on the rate and type of hair that a person has. It may therefore take at least three days and up to four weeks before the need for using it once more arises. Since this hair removal process does not make use of any chemicals, allergic reactions are not experience. One though may experience some redness which should subside with half an hour. It is important to conduct a patch test to see if Bellabe is suited for you.

After one is done with the tool, use a cotton ball soaked in alcohol to wipe off any facial products that may have been bee transferred on to the spring. After that, use a paper towel to dry it. Never use water or use Bellabe on wet surface. It should also be stored in a cool dry place to prevent it from discoloring although this does not in any way affect its effectiveness.  With proper care and maintenance, the Bellabe should be used between six to nine months before replacing.

Can I get Bellabe Facial Hair Remover in Stores?

Once you have all the necessary information concerning a product, the next concern would be where to get it. Is bellabe facial hair remover available in local stores? No. There however are a few authorized stores that one can get the product from. In the US, it is available in Bed Bath & Beyond. It also has distributing stores in Singapore.

This though does not mean that people outside the US cannot access Bellabe.  One can order the remover directly from the manufacturer. This can be done directly through their website where they have a “Buy Bellabe Now” button. They are also available on eBay under meristarr as the seller name and on Amazon under the Bellabe USA seller name. Shipping though is not done to countries where they have distributors. However, if you’d like to arrange your shipping personally, then get on Shiply, where logistics companies, even delivery drivers can browse loads to haul daily.

The modes of payments that are acceptable include PayPal, Mastercard, Visa, Discover, Amex, prepaid credit cards and debit cards.  They also accept International money orders and cashier’s checks that are drawn in US dollars.

Bellabe Facial Hair Remover Reviews

The Bellabe Facial Hair Remover bases its technique of usage from the traditional art of threading. The remover makes use of a spring instead of a cotton thread. Its unique precision gives room or effective and safe facial hair removal.

What do people have to say in Bellabe facial hair remover reviews? While some people experience sensitivity within the first time of use, with regular usage it becomes less sensitive and almost painless. Within a couple of tries, the remover becomes easy to use. The epilator is a manual one and it therefore does not require one to keep on changing batteries or plugging it in. This makes it quite convenient.

The fact that it is small makes it easy to carry along. It can comfortably fit in the handbag and one does not have to worry about some unwanted facial hair popping up while you are away from home.

People who use it regularly swear that they don’t need a mirror to use it. There are many Bellabe facial hair remover reviews both on the manufacturer website and on other credible websites. One thing that is certain in all is that once you get the initial unfamiliarity and skin sensitivity, you will be in for a smooth and silky face. The cost of the remover which is currently going for $16 is also pocket friendly. It certainly is a product worth trying.

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