Laser Facial Hair Removal at Home, Cost & Reviews

If you are looking for a method of hair removal that will last long, laser facial hair removal may be the way to go. Learn what the facial laser hair removal cost is, the expectations for facial hair removal for men and laser facial hair removal for women as well as laser facial hair removal reviews.

Facial Laser Hair Removal Cost

Facial laser hair removal is a process that gets rid of hair by destroying the root of hair that is in its active phase. Normally, the hair doesn’t come off immediately after a laser session. It takes time to weaken and fall off. The process allows for large areas to be treated. Recent technology allows deeper penetration which increases efficiency.

The time each session takes will depend on how much hair one wants removed. A total of four to six sessions may be necessary to completely get rid of the hair. A once in a year session is all that will be needed after that for a touch up.

The facial laser hair removal cost varies depending on various factors. These include how many treatment sessions are necessary, what part of the face is being treated and the location where one is having the process done.

Hair removal on smaller parts such as the eyebrows will cost less than having removal done on the beard. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons puts the average cost of each session at $429. That means that on average, the total cost would range from $1,716 to $2,574. This though could vary from one location to another or one clinic to another.

Laser Facial Hair Removal at Home

One hair removal option that can save you the spa and clinic costs is laser facial hair removal at home. Having a laser removal system enables one to perform treatments using a personal device, at the convenience and privacy of their home.

Although this could save you quite some money, one ought to look out for the effectiveness of the system. Also important is ensuring that one understands all the instructions. This will help take the necessary precautions as well as follow the instructions carefully. With this information at hand, how does a facial hair laser remover work?

To understand the working mechanism of laser devices for home use, it is important to understand hair growth. The hair goes through three phases. There is a part of it that is in the active growth phase. This is the only hair that is subjected to laser removal. The second is in the involution phase which means the cell division in the hair shaft has stopped leading to the stop of hair growth. The last phase is the rest phase. Hairs in this phase are in the hair follicles but not growing.

What the laser system does is direct light energy into the skin. When it gets to the hair follicle, the energy hits the hair’s pigmentation and gets absorbed by it. It is at this point that the light energy is converted into heat energy. This is then distributed around the hair where it destroys it.

A home laser removal is most appropriate for light skinned people with dark hair. Dark skinned people are best getting the laser done by a dermatologist. More than one session will be necessary for effective removal. This is because only the hair in the active phase gets removed. Future treatments will focus on hairs that have developed to that state and permanent removal will be achieve after all the hair has been effectively targeted once it gets to the active phase.

Laser Facial Hair Removal for Women

The process of laser facial hair removal for women is most convenient for women with light skin and dark hair.  Lasers tend to be less effective on women with blond hair and not effective at all on women with white hair.  Those with this type of hair should seek alternatives.

People who are dark skinned can make use of a unique type of laser which tends to be safe on dark skinned people. Any other form of laser facial removal could lead to hyperpigmentation, scarring or burning. In severe situations, keloid scars may form.

Laser Facial Hair Removal for Men

Unlike shaving, laser facial hair removal for men has a number of benefits. To start with, the process selectively targets the dark and coarse hairs without affecting what surrounds it. This leaves the skin undamaged. Each session is also fast and saves one the time spent shaving. The process gets rid of a number of hairs at the same time. The statistics available also allow for predictability. One can tell when they achieve permanent hair loss which is mostly achieved after the fifth session.

Before having this process done on men, it is important to consider if it is really what one wants. Continuous use of lasers will yield a complete reduction of facial hairs which will be impossible to grow back.

Best Laser Facial Hair Removal Reviews

To be in a position to make use of the most suitable laser facial hair removal system, it is important to check out the best laser facial hair removal reviews. Among the things to look out for are effectiveness, speed, side effects and cost. These will help you in deciding which equipment is best for you. Among the systems with the best reviews and online ratings include:

Tria Hair Removal Lasers

These are cleared by the Food and Drugs Administration as a laser technology for home use. It is available in two sizes and one can choose the appropriate one depending on whether they have dense or little unwanted facial hair. They make use of diode laser technology to disable hair by targeting the hair follicle. This gives one a chance to experience quality in the comfort of their home.

Silk’n SensEpil

The reason why this system is unique is because it has a cartridge with 65000 flashes.  It employs Intense Pulsed Light technology and has a total of five settings. Its lamp cartridges are replaceable and should never run out with so many available. It is also corded.

Me smooth

The uniqueness in this one lies in its ability to use both intense pulsed light and radio frequency. It is made to treat all types of hair color on any natural skin tone. It has three settings and uses disposable lamp cartridges.

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