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Best Green Contacts for Brown Eyes Non Prescription for Dark Brown Eyes

Green contacts for brown eyes can give you the natural green eye color. If you are looking to transform your brown eyes to green, go for the different types of green colored contact lenses such as gemstone green contacts for brown eyes, natural green, hazel green contacts, jade, emerald green lenses and more. See below how you will look with green contacts on brown eyes.

So, what are the best green contacts for brown eyes? There are many things to consider when you want to try wearing green contacts. The pictures here will show you how you will look with any of the different types of colored contact lenses with shades of green to help you with the choosing. So, how do you determine whether hazel green contacts or natural green contacts will look good on your dark brown eyes?

Green Contacts on Brown Eyes
On Brown Eyes

Best Green Contacts for Brown Eyes

What are the best green contacts for brown eyes? There are many brands out there, but to find the best, you need to get a pair of lenses that will look very natural on your dark brown eyes. There are Acuvue green contacts for brown eyes are known to be the most natural looking lenses on brown eyes and dark brown eyes. Here are good green contacts to try.

There are also Freshlook for brown eyes, which are known to be the best. They come in different shades, just like Acuvue, such as emerald green colored contact lenses, jade green shade and many more. But what should you consider when choosing the best green contacts for brown eyes?

  • Brown eyes and dark brown eyes can be a very deep shade. Visibility tints cannot work on dark eyes since the natural eye color will still be visible.
  • The best green color contact lenses for brown eyes are the green opaque brown eye contacts. These will mask your brown eye color and leave you with green tint contact lenses.
  • Another option you have when choosing best green lenses on brown eyes is enhancement green tints for brown eyes. However, I really doubt if you can find anything like that in the market.
  • Choose dark green lenses if you have a dark skin, and then choose light green lenses if you have a fair skin tone.

In a nutshell, the best brown color lenses on dark eyes are Freshlook Colorblends, which are designed to look perfect on brown eyes and for people with dark skin, brown hair or even dark hair.

Green Contacts on Brown Eyes

So, let’s see the look of green contacts on brown eyes. As noted earlier, brown eye color, whether dark brown or light brown eye color, is deep and can be difficult to mask. If you feel that your eye color is not pop enough, you can wear green lenses to change that.

Naturally green eyes are so much coveted, and so are blue eyes. Therefore, if you want to get that natural green eye look, you can go for any of the different shades of green contacts such as gemstone green on brownish eyes, jade green contacts and even hazel green colored contact lenses dark brown eyes. See the photos to see how you will look after wearing green contacts on your brown eyes.

Green Contacts on Dark Brown Eyes

For people with dark brown eyes and still want to maintain the same intensity in their eye color, the best are those with darker shades. Try on dark green contacts, gemstone green contacts or even lime green colored lenses.

However, the most popular green contacts on dark brown eyes are lighter shades of green. The best is natural green contacts for brown eyes which are available in Freshlook contacts and also in Acuvue, that you can buy for cheap in most online stores for cosmetic purposes. Such fake contact lenses are good for one time use only.

Hazel Green Contacts on Brown Eyes

Hazel eyes are quite something beautiful. So, how do hazel green contacts look on brown eyes? There are different color blends of hazel eyes, including hazel brown, hazel blue and hazel green. Choosing hazel green colored contact lenses can add some glamour to your eyes, which will make them easily noticeable.Green Contacts on Brown Eyes Green Contact Lenses on Brown Eyes

  • Hazel green lenses add that gentle green hue to your natural brown eyes.
  • In some of the hazel green lenses, your natural brown eye color may show gently from beneath the lenses, making them have a stunning blend.
  • Hazel green on brown eyes will definitely look good for people with dark skin tone and even fair skin tone.

Gemstone and Natural Green Contacts for Brown Eyes

Have you seen natural green eyes? If you want to change your eye color to the natural green eye color, you can choose gemstone or brands that look very natural on dark eyes. Natural green has a light touch of green and may appear to be close to hazel green.

  • Acuvue contacts are said to be the closest to natural green on brown eyes.
  • Some shades may appear as forest green though.
  • Freshlook, according to some reviews, appear as though they are fake contacts and may not give you the natural green eye look.

Freshlook Green Contacts on Brown Eyes

Actually called Freshlook Colorblends, these eye accessories are designed using a technology that blends three different colors into one. Although your natural eye color may show, you can choose the opaque type of Freshlook green contacts for brown eyes.

They are available in nine different colors, but our interest is those that are good for brown eyes. See the photo to see how they look on brown eyes and dark brown eyes. You will see the brown eyes having changed to a vibrant green color that appears as almost natural.

Dark Green Colored Contact Lenses for Brown Eyes

Dark green contacts are a good pick for people with light brown eyes, and would like to not only change their eye color to green but also add some depth to the shade. If you are looking for a deeper shade of green on your eyes, go for dark green contacts for dark brown eyes.

My piece of advice for you is that if you have dark brown eyes, don’t go for dark green colored contact lenses. You definitely want to make your eyes more visible and easy to catch attention. Your best bet would be light green contacts.

Jade Green and Emerald Green Contacts on Brown Eyes

Jade green contacts on brown eyes as well as emerald green are options you can choose from. While these shades are good for people with brown eyes, it is important that you try them on to be sure that you look good in them before you decide to buy them.

See the photos included in this post to see how emerald green and jade green lenses look like on brown eyes. The actual look on your eyes may be a bit different depending on a complex of other things such as your hair color, skin color or skin tone and even your outfits.

Cheap Green Contacts for Brown Eyes Non Prescription

Are you looking for cheap green contacts for brown eyes? There are two options:

  • Nonprescription green contact lenses for brown eyes (without prescription)
  • Prescription green color lenses for brown eye color

Non-prescription lenses are those that you buy without a recommendation from the eye doctor. Prescription ones, on the other hand, are bought after an eye examination. Green contacts for brown eyes nonprescription are cheap and can be bought from online stores such as Amazon and eBay. These may be risky as warned by the FDA.

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