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Brown Contacts for Dark Eyes, Blue Eyes & Green Eyes

Brown contacts are opaque and can be worn on blue eyes and green eyes. Brown contacts for blue eyes and brown contact lenses for green eyes will give your eyes a warm touch. Other types of brown colored contact lenses include chestnut brown contacts, hazel brown contacts, honey brown contacts and brands such as Freshlook and Acuvue. You can also choose light brown lenses or dark brown lenses.

  • How do brown contacts look on blue eyes?
  • Can I wear brown colored contact lenses on green eyes?
  • How do hazel brown eye contacts look like?
  • Can you wear brown contacts for black eyes?
    Brown Contacts
    Brown Color Lenses

So, what are the best brown contact lenses for your eye color and eye type? From the many types including golden brown lenses, chestnut, hazel and honey brown eye lenses, you can wear them despite your eye colors. Below, we will look at how each of these different types of eye contacts look, and more specifically how they look on different eye colors.

Chestnut Brown Contacts (Acuvue on Dark Brown Eyes)

If you have dark brown eyes, wearing chestnut contact lenses will give your eyes the intensity they need. Most people with brown eyes or dark brown eyes feel uncomfortable with their eyes appearing almost as black eyes. Dark brown eyes can appear as light brown or a little more brighter in the sun, but you can still achieve this effect with lenses such as Acuvue 2 colors chestnut brown. Acuvue chestnut brown contacts will give your eyes a lighter shade, which you can wear with dark brown hair.

Chestnut brown contacts on dark brown eyes appear as light brown colored contacts or bright brown eye contacts and will make your eyes more visible and can catch more attention compared to black eyes or just dark brown eyes. See photo to see how chestnut brown contacts look on dark brown eyes.

Honey Brown Contacts (For Dark Brown Eyes)

I would recommend that you try honey brown contacts on dark brown eyes if you want to brighten up your eye color. These are the closest thing to the chestnut lenses we have just discussed above. If you find that you are looking for light brown contacts, perhaps it is a good idea to try light honey brown colored contact lenses on your eyes because it is the perfect color for you. Some of the best picks you will find are:

  • Honey contacts for brown eyes, which should help your eyes become lighter and more readily visible despite your hair color or even skin tone.
  • Most people with brown skin tone, or dark skin complexion look great with honey brown colored contact lenses.
  • Honey brown contacts dark eyes look great as seen in pictures or photos. If you have close to black eyes, try on some of these cosmetic lenses.
  • These lenses can also be worn if you have blue eyes of green eyes since they are opaque.

Hazel Brown Contacts

The other option you can go for is hazel brown contacts. There are different types of hazel lenses, including hazel green lenses. When you want to transform your eyes to hazel, try hazel brown colored contact lenses.

These will give your eyes a light look. Hazel brown contacts on brown eyes and dark brown eyes are likely to transform your look, unless you buy those that are cheap and not opaque. As a reminder, remember all your brown contacts must be opaque in order to work on dark eyes.

Light Brown Contact Lenses – For Dark Eyes

Do you have dark eyes or black eyes and would like to change them to a lighter shade? Well, your best pick is light brown contact lenses. Most experts recommend light brown contact lenses for dark eyes (brown contacts for black eyes) or dark brown eye color.

Naturally dark eye colors, including deep blue or ice blue eyes can also look good with light brown eye lenses. Brands such as Freshlook brown colored contact lenses are a good bet when you want to transform your eyes to a lighter look. Let’s now see how dark brown contacts will look on different natural eye colors.

Dark Brown Contact Lenses for Blue Eyes

Dark brown colored contact lenses are the exact opposite of the light brown shade. These are good for people with a lighter shade of brown eyes. Do you want your eyes to be darker than they are? Is your hair too light and you want to complement with dark brown eyes?

If you have a positive answer to these questions, you can wear dark brown contact lenses. These contacts are good for blue eyes green eyes and light brown eyes. Their opaque nature and dark shade makes them capable of overwhelming most other natural eye colors.

Brown Contacts for Blue Eyes

Brown contact lenses for blue eyes are suitable because of various reasons. Wearing brown visibility tints may not be a good idea since the blue eye color that is natural is likely to be seen through the lenses.

You cannot get enhancement brown contacts for blue eyes since there are no such circle lenses. The only choice you are left with is getting opaque brown contacts for your blue eyes. These may be non-prescription brown lenses or prescription ones. Beware of cheap brown lenses as they may harm your beautiful blue eyes.

Golden Brown Contacts

Golden colored lenses look a bit more vivid and may be categorized as special effects contact lenses. Most of these may be used for theatrical purposes. Some people may call them Hollywood contacts because of their theatrical roles in movies. You have seen them in Twilight movies, haven’t you?

Golden brown contacts can come in different shades. Depending on your eye color, you can try on golden brown color lenses to see what fits you best. If you have dark eye color shade, the golden lenses may not be the best for you. Go for something lighter or brighter instead.

Natural Brown Contact Lenses

You cannot wear natural brown contact lenses for brown eyes. There will be no impact at all. However, natural brown lenses are good for green eyes, blue eyes and even grey eyes. Be careful though that when you wear them on dark eye colors, you might get a dirty brown eye color since the natural eye color may still be prominent.

Wear natural brown contact lenses if you have the following eye natural eye colors:

  • Natural light blue eyes
  • Natural light green eye color
  • Grey eyes

These ones will work well for your eye color. For brown contacts for green eyes, you can go for them if your eye color is not deep green.

Non Prescription Brown Contacts and Brown Contacts Prescription to Buy

Non prescription brown contacts are those that you get without an eye doctor’s exam and recommendation. You can get cheap non prescription colored contact lenses for sale in most online stores such as Amazon and eBay. Be careful when buying these cheap brown eye contact lenses because you expose yourself to the danger of eye infection as warned by the FDA.

Prescription brown contacts on the other hand are safe and recommended by an eye doctor. On the contrary to the above, the brown colored contact lenses prescription are more expensive when it comes to costume contacts. The advantage they have is that your eyes will be safe from risks such as eye infection. It is always recommended to buy prescription circle lenses since they are classified as medical eye accessories even though they are used for cosmetic reasons.

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