Cheap Full Eye Rinnegan Contacts to Buy (Purple Sclera Sharingan, Naruto)

Rinnegan contacts are of different types. Below, find your favorite types including rinnegan sclera contacts, full eye rinnegan contact lenses, naruto rinnegan, and sharingan rinnegan lenses. You can also buy cheap purple rinnegan eye contacts that are for sale below.

If you are a fan of cosplays (costume plays) and particularly the Japanese anime series such as Manga and Naruto, then you will notice that Rinnegan eye contacts are quite hard to find these days. Rinnegan colored contact lenses for sale, especially from online stores are not as popular as other types such as Naruto, Sharingan and Byakugan costume lenses.

Rinnegan Sclera Contacts
Rinnegan Sclera Contacts

There are different types of these sharingan contacts. When it comes to a good choice, most of us would go for the full eye rinnegan contact lenses. These will cover the entire eye and give you the fierce battle look. Below, we will look at these types, including the Rinnegan sclera contacts and purple rinnegan contact lenses, their prices and where to buy the cosmetic contacts.

Purple Rinnegan Contacts

Look at the photo alongside and you will see how purple rinnegan contacts look like. They are simply purple in color with a ripple pattern around the whole pupil. When you wear these contacts, your eye’s sclera and iris will be covered in a light purple matrix.

Purple Rinnegan contacts 9mm are considered as some of the best in the eye techniques of the highly exalted Three Great Dojutsu. Purple Rinnegan eye contact lenses will enable you during cosplay to master the different jutsu and be able to use the various renowned forms of chakra such as Yang and Yin nature forms.

Purple lenses can be full eye or scleral. The price of these will depend on the store where you will find Rinnegan colored contacts for sale. Some stores sell the sclera purple rinnegan full eye lenses for around $280 per pair.

Rinnegan Contacts Full Eye

Full eye colored contact lenses are commonly worn during Halloween or as theatrical costume lenses. In a similar way, Rinnegan contacts full eye are typically what make the eye of a rinnegan cosplayer. Since the entire eye will be covered when you wear these sharingan contact lenses, your natural ye color will not be visible at all. It is for this reason that they are called full eye or scleral contacts.

If you want to buy rinnegan contacts that are full eye, you will need to get a prescription first in order to ensure your eyes are safe from damage. Cosplayers should have an eye exam first before wearing these eye devices.

Rinnegan Contacts Full Eye
Rinnegan Contacts Full Eye

Full eye rinnegan lenses are designed to enlarge the eye’s appearance. This can make wearing them and removing them quite difficult and risky. Prescription rinnegan contact lenses are definitely the safest and I would recommend that you buy those rather than nonprescription rinnegan contacts that you can buy for cheap on Amazon and eBay. We will list the prices below. But first, let us see the sclera rinnegan contacts.

Rinnegan Sclera Contacts

It was the Sage of the Six Paths that first graced Rinnegan sclera contacts. It is highly believed among the lovers of Naruto anime series that Rinnegan was a legend made great through mutation. With the agility to control many of the feared tail beasts because of the ability of the rinnegan sclera contact lenses ability to see their chakra.

It is not easy to find Sclera contacts or those that cover the entire eye, also called all-eye rinnegan lenses. However, the price of cheap rinnegan contacts for sale is around $35. You will definitely need to get a prescription first in order to buy such an eye costume for your cosplay.

With a prescription, the price of Rinnegan contacts is likely to shoot since you will be required to go for an eye exam from an eye doctor. But due to the challenge of finding any of these contacts, it is highly likely that you will not find the Rinnegan lenses even with an ophthalmologist’s prescription.

Pain Rinnegan Contacts

Have you been hearing your friends talk about pain rinnegan lenses? Some call them pein rinnegan contacts. The name pain comes from the character Nagato, who was crippled by Hanzo. He is the one who developed the so called Six Paths of Pain.

Pain Rinnegan Contacts
Pain Rinnegan Contacts

Since Nagato was the leader or head of the Akatsuki and largely the primary villain in the anime series, several legends and feuds are created around this decorated villain. It is from this origin that spring the pain rinnegan contacts, also called pein contacts.

Naruto Rinnegan Contact Lenses

Naruto Rinnegan contacts is a name that is commonly used to refer to the anime eye contacts, also called Sharingan contacts. I am not sure if there is another type of rinnegan eye contacts apart from the ones in the Manga series.

For this reason, the 9mm Rinnegan lenses are commonly referred to by different names from the same series. Some people would call them the Madara Uchiha Rinnegan lenses, Mangekyou Rinnegan, Naruto Rinnegan contacts or Sasuke Rinnegan contacts.

Buy Sharingan and Rinnegan Contacts for Sale

Are you looking forward to a Sharingan cosplay? Do you want to buy Rinnegan contact lenses? It is not easy to get cheap rinnegan contacts. I found a few websites with some Rinnegan contacts for salw, although some of them were out of stock and as many people writing reviews have noted, these lenses are not cheap, especially if they are scleral. Amazon and eBay have a few of the naruto contacts in stock. See the best prices of naruto Rinnegan costumes.

In the comments section, you can share the links where you buy Rinnegan eye contact lenses. Getting such costumes can really make your eyes appear unique and ready for your party or cosplay events. If yours are not purple, then you can still have black sclera contacts or white sclera contacts for your cosplay.

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