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Calyx Flowers: Blossoming a Family Legacy for 7 Remarkable Years

Seven years ago, Kap and Mark embarked on an enchanting journey that transformed their shared love for flowers into the vibrant tapestry that is Calyx Flowers today. In this blog post, we are excited to share the unique story behind the family-owned floral venture, where passion meets commitment to provide their cherished customers with the most exquisite blooms and botanical wonders.


A Family-Funded Dream:

Calyx Flowers stands apart as a fully family-funded enterprise. Kap and Mark proudly poured their life savings into nurturing this dream, meticulously reconstructing systems, refining processes, and establishing strong partnerships with farms across the globe. Unlike other floral ventures, there are no venture capital or angel funds behind Kap and Mark —just the collective dedication of their family, with two central goals steering their course: an unwavering commitment to impeccable customer service and the delivery of enduring, breathtaking flowers.

The Distinctive Touch of Family:

Integral to their operations is the unique advantage of having family deeply embedded in every facet of Calyx Flowers. Kap and Mark oversee the day-to-day operations and strategic planning, while their  daughter, Syndey, manages the vibrant world of social media and visuals. Even Mark’s 91-year-old mother contributes her wisdom by preparing announcement cards for recipients of their flower subscriptions. This collaborative family approach fosters a sense of gratitude and loyalty that sets Calyx Flowers apart from the rest.


A Floral Legacy: 35 Years of Excellence:

As Calyx Flowers celebrate their 35th year in business, Calyx Flowers has become synonymous with floral excellence. Specializing in delivering flowers, plants, wreaths, fresh evergreens, monthly subscriptions, and nature-inspired gifts directly from their partner farms, they take pride in guaranteeing fresh, enduring products that promise surprise and delight with every delivery.

Embracing the Magic of Christmas:

With the holiday season fast approaching, Calyx Flowers Christmas collection has officially launched. Dive into the festive spirit with a beautifully curated selection of bouquets, unique plants, elegant wreaths, and fresh evergreens. Whether you’re selecting a thoughtful gift for a loved one or enhancing your own home decor, Calyx has meticulously crafted options to make your Christmas truly magical.


Calyx Flowers isn’t just a business—it’s a celebration of family, unwavering commitment, and the timeless allure of nature’s bounty. Join Calyx Flowers  in spreading joy, uplifting spirits, and creating unforgettable moments with exquisite floral offerings. Discover the enchanting world of Calyx Flowers, where every bloom we send tells a unique story of love, dedication, and the enduring elegance of Mother Earth.

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