Can I Use LorealHicolor On Bleached Hair

Can I Use LorealHicolor On Bleached Hair

Can I Use LorealHicolor On Bleached Hair? LorealHicolor is a hair coloring product for blondes and other blonde toned shades. Also known by the names Loreal True Match, Loreal Live Blonde or Just for Blondes and there are a several versions of this shampoo. Learn what makes this shampoo and conditioner so special here in our full review. One of the great things about this product is that it has been made by one of the more trusted and recognizable brands in the industry.

Can I use Lorealhicolor on bleached hair?

You can use LorealHicolor on bleached hair. The color will not lighten it, but it will give your hair a nice and natural red color.

LorealHicolor is a semi-permanent color that’s been around for decades. It gives you a simple way to add a little bit of color to your roots, while leaving the rest of your hair natural.

LorealHicolor has no ammonia, so it would not work well on your bleached hair. The good news is that you can still use it, but you will need to pre-lighten your hair first. Here’s how:

  1. Step 1: Pre-lighten your hair with a high lift or semi-permanent lightener to remove any yellow tones from the bleach. This will make the color look more vibrant and vibrant colors are harder to remove than subtle ones.
  2. Step 2: Apply the LorealHicolor color of choice according to package instructions and rinse out after 45 minutes.
  3. Step 3: Tone with a purple toner that matches your natural base tone (for blondes this would be violet). You can also use a demi-permanent developer like Colorfix by Schwarzkopf Professional or Colorance by L’OrealProfessionnel

Does Lorealhicolor damage hair?

LorealHicolor is a semi-permanent hair color that is designed to deposit color into the hair shaft. It is not permanent, and it will wash out over time. The damage that you are concerned about is from the bleaching process, which removes the natural pigments from your hair, leaving it feeling dry and brittle.

If your hair has been bleached, yes you can use Lorealhicolor on bleached hair. However, we recommend you test a small area before applying to all of your hair or doing an entire head of highlights at one time. This will allow you to see how the color works on your own unique strands before committing to a full application.

How do you apply Lorealhicolor in 40 minutes?

You can use Lorealhicolor on bleached hair. It is important to note that the product should not be used on hair that has been colored with a permanent dye.

The steps for applying Lorealhicolor are as follows:

  1. Make sure you have washed your hair with a good shampoo and conditioner. You can also use a clarifying shampoo to remove any residue of other products.
  2. Apply the dye evenly through your hair, starting from the roots to the ends.
  3. Leave your hair to process for 40 minutes at room temperature under a plastic cap or in an enclosed shower cap.
  4. Rinse out your hair until all traces of the dye have been removed.

What does 40 volume developer do to your hair?

40 volume developer is a type of hair dye. It is used in the process of bleaching to make your hair lighter. Before you use this product, it’s important to understand what it does to your hair. Here are some facts about 40 volume developer:

It contains hydrogen peroxide, which breaks down into oxygen and water when mixed with the colorant in the dye package. This reaction causes oxidation (or rusting) of your cuticle, which lifts it up from the cortex so that light can reach the pigment inside.

The more you lift the cuticle, the more light will penetrate into your hair shafts and make them appear lighter than they previously appeared.

Can I use a 20 developer with bleach powder?

No. Bleach powder is not meant to be mixed with developer. The purpose of bleach powder is to lighten hair and the developer is used to activate it. This means that you should use a lightener on bleached hair, like LorealHicolor, which comes in different shades, or L’OrealProfessionnel Blanc Expert.

Can I use a 10 developer with bleach powder?

Yes. You can mix a 10 vol developer with bleach powder for the same results as using a 20 vol developer without bleach powder. However, you will need a lot more product and it will take longer to work.

Can I leave Lorealhicolor on overnight?

Yes, it’s okay to leave the hair color on for a few hours and wash it out. But it’s not recommended that you keep it on overnight because if you do, there is a chance that you will wake up with stained pillowcases and sheets.

Last Words

Yes, you can use LorealHicolor on bleached hair as long as your hair was bleached with a permanent color. If your hair was bleached with a semi-permanent or demi-permanent color, then it is not advisable to use LorealHicolor because the results may vary depending on how light or dark your hair is.

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