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Charlotte Pest Control Solutions

Unwanted pests in the home and yard are part of everyday life across the globe. While some pests are beneficial to the ecosystem, others can directly impact creating an unhealthy and unsafe environment. 

Problems from Pests

With a variety of pests making their home in Charlotte, homeowners can be subjected to health issues, structural damage to the home, damage to wooden decks and patios, and infestations and damage to sheds, carports, and garages. Pets may also be affected by certain pests such as fleas and ticks if they’re not protected. 

Good and Bad Pests in Charlotte

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Pests common to North Carolina range from ants and bed bugs to spiders and rodents. In Charlotte, the most common are termites and cockroaches inside the home and weevils, grubs, aphids, and cankerworms in the yard and garden. 

The Good

Some of the good pests include bees and butterflies whose job is to pollinate, which is good for the environment. Dragonflies are also good for the garden since they eat pests such as mosquitoes. Lacewings along with ladybugs are the preferred insects for the garden as aphids are their main food source. 

While soldier bugs (stink bugs) may seem like an odd insect to consider good because of their smell, the insects are actually beneficial. Along with pollen as part of their diet, soldier bugs are natural exterminators since they eat as many as 50 different types of insects.

Another natural predator prevalent in Charlotte is the praying mantis. The unusual stick-like insect is an avid hunter of mosquitoes, flies, aphids, moths, and cockroaches.

The Bad

Mosquitoes are bad on every level. They annoy with their constant buzzing and biting and breed rapidly in standing water. They also spread diseases, such as malaria, the Zika virus, and the West Nile virus. 

Weevils are small insects that enjoy feeding on assorted grains and dry goods that are bagged or boxed items stored in kitchen cabinets. The insects are proficient at getting dry goods by eating through plastic coverings, paper, and sealed boxes.

The cockroach is extremely resilient, making it difficult to eliminate on your own. This insect is a carrier of bacteria and germs that easily contaminate food and water. 

When termites are left unchecked, they can construct colonies with thousands of insects. The result can lead to structural damage to the home for years without homeowners being aware of their existence. 

Removing Pests in Charlotte

One of the pest control Charlotte options to consider when ridding your home of unwanted pests is securing the services of a company that specializes in providing targeted treatments to eliminate and prevent a variety of pests. With access to up-to-date equipment, the latest products, and experienced technicians, a professional team ensures your home will be in good hands, creating a healthy and safe pest-free environment. 

Staying one step ahead of pests with the help of professional services and a customized plan of attack can protect your investment now and into the future. 

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