Could Your Clothes be Causing Bacne?

Do you have blemishes and red spots on your back? That could be acne on your back, or bacne, as most people call it. Bacne is unnoticeable until you wear a revealing top or go swimming.

The cause of bacne is the same as what causes face acne. Oily sebum, dead skin cells, and bacteria build up in the hair follicles, resulting in their clogging. But what we wear and how we wash our clothes exacerbates bacne. Here are a few things you can do to minimize or prevent having back acne.

1.   Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes or accessories.

Acne breakouts caused by mechanical means, such as rubbing or pressing clothes against the skin over time, are called acne mechanica. Moreover, tight-fitting clothes trap bacteria, oil, and dirt on the skin, which results in blemishes and irritation.

2.   Wash your bra more often.

Some women do not have the luxury of having a bra for every day of the week, while others stick to their favorites. If you wear a bra daily, it is best to alternate them to give them a good wash. Unwashed bras harbor dirt, grime, and sweat that may cause buildup and breakouts on your back. Give more attention to your sports bra; they tend to be tighter and absorb more sweat.

3.   Remove gym clothes right after a workout.

Change to clean and dry clothes right after workouts, or best go for a shower right after your workout. We sometimes sit around in our sweaty gym clothes without knowing that it increases the possibility of having bacne breakouts.

4.   Look for a hypoallergenic laundry detergent.

Hygiene practice is one of many things that need improvement to prevent having bacne breakouts; your laundry practice has to change too. Laundry is the solution to remove the oil, grime, and dirt from our clothes. However, some laundry detergents are not friendly to our skin. Some laundry detergents cause skin irritation, mainly if it contains dyes and fragrances. Look for a hypoallergenic laundry detergent and try if it helps prevent back acne. 

Inform the laundry delivery service if you rely on a service provider to wash your clothes.

5.   Wash towels more frequently.

You have to wash your towels more frequently. Towels are exposed to moisture. The dampness becomes the breeding ground for bacteria. For every after bath, ensure to air dry your towel. Only reuse your towel thrice and bring them to the laundry service for thorough washing.

It is important to religiously practice these tips to help lessen or prevent bacne breakouts. You can also have over-the-counter treatments for your bacne. You can apply them daily on your back. However, if you are unsure of the medicines, it is best to have an appointment with a dermatologist, and you can have the results you want on your back.

Have an Appointment with a Dermatologist

If your bacne is still progressing even with these tips, it is time to book an appointment with your dermatologist. Your dermatologists can prescribe aggressive treatments for your bacne. However, continuing these measures help make the treatment more effective. The results of these preventive measures and treatment may take a while. Hence, patience is the key.

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