Teenage Health And What You Should Know As A Parent

The teenage years are notoriously difficult for parents due to the rebellious attitudes of some teens. You cannot hover over your teen during every waking hour as this is a recipe for disaster. You want to help your teen to form some healthy habits and to be open with you. Constantly bickering with them about things that are within their control can have a negative effect on the relationship. The tough aspect of being a teenager is having to act like an adult without being treated like one. The following are aspects of your teen’s health that you need to keep an eye on. 

Mental Health Issues Can Be Difficult To Spot

Mental health is tough for anyone to discuss which is why so many people put on a brave face. The symptoms of mental health struggles can be masked with a smile for a number of individuals. You need to keep watch over your teen to see any changes in behavior. You do not want to miss the signs that your child is depressed or could be forming some sort of addiction. Therapy can be great for a teen even if they are not showing mental health distress as it is difficult to be a teenager without fluctuating hormones. 

Underage Drinking

Underage drinking is an issue for certain groups of teenagers. Peer pressure along with the availability of alcohol makes this a forbidden fruit that is relatively easy to acquire. You do not want your teen to have to deal with an underage drinking ticket. Certain states have far more restrictive rules on drinking with some being much more lenient than others. 

Important Lessons About Driving Safe

The last thing any parent wants is a call saying their teen has been in a serious car accident. You should have a policy where your child can call you without repercussion if they are worried about riding with someone drinking. You should not support underage drinking but a simple grounding can cause a teen to avoid calling their parents which can be a deadly mistake. You want your child to avoid speeding along with distracted driving. Rules put in place about the number of passengers allowed in a teens car can also be important. Passengers can be far more distracting than texting or talking on the phone in some cases. 

Sex Education Is Awkward But Necessary

Sex education should not be solely in the hands of educators. You want to teach your teen the value of sex and your views on it. This should not be a lesson that you rely on the public school system to teach. There are so many people that would have not been teenage parents if there was education beyond abstinence. 

Teenage health should be supervised but you should not overwhelm your teen with rules as it is their choice. You want to instill good habits that will follow your teen throughout their life. All you can do is educate your teen and give them a great example to follow.

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