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Signs A Marriage Might Not Be Able To Be Saved

Marriage is hard work that has to be done over the course of time. Ignoring a marriage can lead to resentment or festering negative feelings as issues are never resolved in a concrete manner. The truth is that couples grow apart if they do not make a proactive effort to stay close and involved in one another’s lives. Children leaving the home can show a couple how much work they failed to do as both parties believe they are marriage to a far different person. People do change over the course of time and without active work on the relationship being done, divorce is likely. Below are those signs that are usually red flags that a marriage will not be able to be saved. 


Cheating can happen in a number of ways including online, emotional affairs, and physical affairs. The difference is the dating apps of today allow people to meet others that they might never see again after a fling. Affairs in the past might have happened with coworkers leading to the affair being exposed. Trust is a huge part of a relationship and there are so many lies one has to tell in order to cheat without being found out. Divorce lawyers can advise you on the next steps if you have caught a partner cheating. You want to speak with an attorney in your state as legal separation in Michigan might differ from laws in a state like Florida. 


Addiction can come in so many forms that can be damaging to a family and marriage. Substance abuse impacts all walks of life whether it is drugs or alcohol. Gambling addiction is another issue that can put a family into financial peril in a matter of months. A number of addicts try to hide their behavior from loved ones that they know will not be supportive of the addiction. Seeing the signs of addiction early can be so important as addiction worsens and the consequences become greater. 

Abuse Of Any Form

Abuse should not be tolerated in any form whether it is physical, emotional, financial, or other forms. The telltale signs of abuse or a relationship is headed somewhere manipulative need to be seen. You do not want to have a marriage spiral out of control due to behaviors that become more and more alarming. For this reason, it is so important to truly know the person you are marrying rather than rushing into any wedding. 

A Lack Of Effort To Improve The Relationship

Marriage counseling can be so important when it comes to saving a marriage that could end in the near future. There is a refusal to talk to a stranger about relationship issues but success rates can be quite high. A third party listening to issues might be able to see through the resentment. Breaking down issues into simple problems to be solve is extremely important. Communication is often an area that leads to a marriage breaking down so this can be a focus of a number of sessions in marriage counseling. Failure or refusal to attend counseling is a sign that a spouse has given up on the marriage completely. 

Marriages end on a daily basis but keep in mind that great marriages do not result in divorce. Those that have issues that snowball to massive fights where statements are made that are too hurtful to overcome end up divorced. 

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