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Equitable Marketing Shares: Things You’re Getting Wrong About SEO Marketing

SEO Marketing

Effective marketing in this age of internet marketing does not really thrive without the backbone of search engine optimization (SEO) because apparently, people will look for you or what you sell or do. You cannot begin to imagine how your business would be negatively affected if it misses the proper ways to be identified.

Every business seeks to be recognized and ranked high on search engine page results. However, there are various things you may not have considered wrong that may have an overall effect on your SEO marketing. 

It is important to establish the knowledge of what is right before one can know what is really wrong. SEO Marketing is an aspect of digital marketing that focuses on the optimization of web pages. It is basically increasing the organic traffic of your pages to generate leads that convert to sales.

In this post, Equitable Marketing, a leading digital marketing agency, shares some of the things you are getting wrong about SEO Marketing. 

1. Absolute Focus on Search Engines

A common mistake people make when they are SEO focused in relation to their content, especially articles, is to focus on Google or other respective search engines. They usually write to appeal to Google for ranking.

While it may be okay to consider search engine specifics like keywords, an extreme may make your work useless to the targeted audience. Your audience would only stay connected to interesting resources that appeal to them. So, you should write with your reader in mind and provide quality and relevant information.

2. One-line SEO

Another thing you might be getting wrong about SEO is sidelining SEO to just keywords and link building. This is very wrong. Successful SEO marketing considers every aspect of SEO.

SEO is a core part of your marketing strategy and should be viewed as one. It underlines your value creation, distribution, customer attraction, satisfaction, and retention. So, you should not use only some aspects of SEO but exhaust all its variables as much as you can to foster effective marketing.

3. Not Measuring Your Progress

Much of your site’s improvement will come about by checking your current progress and adjusting your strategies accordingly. So, not tracking your SEO performance is bad as it would be hard to figure out the SEO strategies that work for you and those that don’t. 

So, constantly monitor your SEO progress to know what to stick to or do away with. There are plenty of great tools out there that can help you measure your site’s progress. Some common ones are Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.

4. Not Using Internal Links

A common mistake most people make is to overlook the internal linking strategy. An internal link is a link that is directed from one page on your site to another page on your site. When creating content, it’s important to include an adequate number of these to improve your site’s SEO. Notwithstanding, don’t overdo it and overstuff your content with these types of links, as your site can be penalised. 

If you’re making the mistakes discussed above and you put effort into avoiding them, there will be a great turnaround in your SEO marketing. If you want an even better result, you can contact Equitable Marketing to do your SEO marketing. Equitable Marketing has all the necessary tools and professional experience to drive your SEO marketing to achieve your desired success.

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