Everything You Need to Know About Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Australia

There are numerous rehab options to choose from in Australia. However, rehab costs often get patients discouraged to proceed with treatment. This should not be the case. Though it’s hard to get aid from the government given that they prioritize the marginalized in society, there is always a way. Determined patients who want to proceed with treatment and healing always figure out a way. Most even go abroad to opt for treatment and healing at a lower cost. Most Australians opt to heal in Bali. This post will help you in your journey to recovery. We will give information regarding:

  • rehab centers in Australia that you could consider
  • rehab centers abroad
  • how addiction is treated in Australia
  • government assistance
  • means to ask for help
  • rehab costs
  • luxurious rehab clinics
  • means to get more information 

This post will help you get an idea of how you can proceed with your healing journey. 


Private Rehab Centers in Australia that You Could Consider

No recovery is exactly the same. Each patient needs a different kind of care that other patients may or may not require. This is why good rehab clinics in Australia offer individualized care. A good rehab center offers individually-catered treatment plans that can answer the personal needs of each patient. Recovery is possible for everyone. A person just needs the right kind of support and resources.

You can choose from the following private rehab clinics in the country that offers individualized treatment plans:

1. The Fountainhead Retreat – Queensland, North-east Australia

2. Raymond Hader Clinic – Victoria, South-eastern Australia

3. The Buttery – New South Wales, Australia

4. Palladium Private – Queensland, North-east Australia

5. Visible Recovery – Adelaide, South Australia

6. Byron Private – New South Wales, Australia

You Could Also Consider Rehab Centers Abroad

You could also treat yourself abroad. Centers like Calm Rehab Bali, a rehab facility welcoming Australians with addiction issues, are often preferred by Australians who want to recover in a low-cost manner. Staying and recovering in Bali is not as expensive as being treated locally. Patients that also want a complete break from all their daily concerns highly enjoy the relaxing, refreshing, and rejuvenating environment that Bali provides.

How is Addiction Treated in Australia?

Most Australians who struggle with substance abuse prefer outpatient treatment. This kind of treatment does not require confinement in a clinic or hospital. This can be tricky as it becomes hard for patients to escape their daily triggers. Insured patients often opt for a treatment plan in a psychiatric setting when they get treated together with people who are dealing with mental illnesses. Australians in rural and regional areas have fewer options when it comes to treatments for addiction. 

Government Assistance

The Australian government provides help to its citizens who are suffering from substance abuse. Applying for it can be pretty challenging though as there is usually a long waiting list. Patients under the system also tend to go astray given that most are under court-ordered admissions. Residents of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide can experience waiting for more than six months before they get treated.

How to Ask for Help?

If you or anyone you know is suffering from substance abuse, you can ask for help from the following:

  • 24/7 Online Counseling – you can call a hotline that is available all day to give you drug and alcohol counseling. You may text or call this number: 1800 – 888 – 236
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Australia – is a hotline that you can call if you need support and counseling with alcohol addiction. This number may be contacted: 1300 – 222 – 222.
  • 24/7 Family Drug Support Online – this is a hotline that family and friends of alcohol or drug users can call. Their contact number is 1300 – 368 – 186.
  • Australian Drug Information Network – visit this website to look for drug and alcohol services in your local area.  

Rehab Costs

You can expect to spend at least AU$6,000 for a month of treatment in a rehab facility in Australia. Some rehab facilities that offer luxury inpatient treatment can cost as much as AU$50,000. You can avail of co-payment in some rehab centers that are government-funded and community-based. Medicare can also cover some of your rehab costs. Most insurance companies can also assist you. If you need to go low cost, you’re very free to travel abroad to look for more affordable treatment alternatives. 

Popular Luxurious Rehab Clinic 

The most luxurious rehab clinic in Australia is The Sanctuary. It is a luxurious rehab centre that offers numerous therapies and treatments for individuals suffering from substance abuse. A four-week stay in the centre can cost AU$135,000.00. It is highly expensive when compared to California’s Betty Ford Center, which has treated Robert Downey Jr., and Elizabeth Taylor, which will only cost US$32,000 for a month-long treatment program. 

The Sanctuary caters to elite patients. It has treated American record producers, European royalties, and CEOs from Australia, Asia, and New Zealand. It claims to have a success rate of 89.6%.


For More Information

You can check out the following if you want to provide yourself with more information on how to deal with substance abuse:

  • DrugInfo and Lifeline – information on alcohol and drugs
  • DrinkWise Australia – an organisation that promotes a safe drinking culture in the country
  • ReachOut – for young people looking for resources on alcohol and drugs
  • headspace – for young people who want help with their mental health 

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