Facebook’s Slightly Lenient Stance on CBD Advertising

CBD advertising on social media has been quite an issue for many CBD producers. Because of unclear laws around it, CBD is banned in many parts of the world. Because of this, many social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. have strict policies when it comes to advertising CBD. In recent months, Facebook has simmered down with its policy towards CBD marketing and advertising. The policy endorsed by Facebook allows CBD producers only to run ingestible hemp and topical CBD ads. The reason for this leniency is due to the fast-growing industry of CBD; the United States government is also trying to balance the market.

Facebook allows CBD advertising of certain products that are approved by drug stores. Oil, makeup, and cream infused CBD products are allowed to be advertised. However, Facebook doesn’t need to approve all ads that include these products. Facebook classifies CBD as an unsafe supplement even though it doesn’t completely prohibit Cannabidiol. The mention of the term CBD on your landing page can cause Facebook to disapprove of your advertisement. In an attempt to advertise CBD products online, Facebook has the right to put your account into ‘Facebook Jail.’ This isn’t literal jail, but it means that your account will be further suspended, not allowing you to post ads again, or they might completely deactivate your account.

Below are a few guide points that will prevent you add from getting into Facebook jail or from getting disapproved:

  1. Create a separate website for products in your profile that don’t contain CBD to advertise those on Facebook.
  2. Get in touch with social influencers as they can help with getting your content about CBD posted on their accounts.
  3. Make sure your ads only include non-ingestible CBD products because the policy only allows products that aren’t ingestible.
  4. Don’t associate your products with any paid ads that are directly linked to the same landing page. Make sure to initiate your ad based on a solid organic social strategy.

Advertising CBD online can still be tricky even after following all the rules and regulations. To help you further on, here are a few points that could cause your ad from being disapproved at once.

  1. Linking your advertisement to a landing page where CBD is mentioned
  2. Posting about CBD on your organic Facebook page 
  3. Linking your ad to a website or landing page where products related to CBD are sold. (Even if your advertisement isn’t about CBD and links associated with CBD could cause your ad to get disapproved.)
  4. Posting a picture of a person using the product or a picture of the product itself.

In conclusion, CBD advertising on Facebook is comparatively easier than advertising it on other social media platforms. However, other platforms are still working on improving their policies. CBD advertising policies keep changing, so before Facebook decides to change its policies again, it is advised to take this chance and post your CBD advertisement on Facebook.

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