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Fatigue: Simple Ways to Boost Your Energy


According to Forbes, fatigue is the number one complaint from patients. If you often feel tired or you’re constantly wishing for more energy to boost your productivity levels at work, home or school, then you could be suffering from fatigue. Fatigue is a strong desire to sleep and comes with low energy levels and a feeling of being overtired.

Some of the first signs of fatigue include muscle weakness, headaches, dizziness and chronic sleepiness. The causes of any of the first signs may be because of jet lag, consuming a large meal or lack of sleep.

When you suffer from fatigue, you have no motivation to do anything and experience constant and unexplained tiredness. 

We’ve compiled a few tips on how you can boost your energy.

  • Exercise

This may probably be the last thing on your mind if you have no energy, but studies have linked exercise to the improvement of the working efficiency of your heart, greater self-confidence and better quality of life.

Exercise is a natural energy booster and each time you exercise, you encourage the flow of oxygen-rich blood to your heart, brain and muscles. Even just 10 minutes of daily exercise can help you bring up your energy levels. 

  • Have a Drink

Often, when one is fatigued, they may also be dehydrated. This is why we recommend having a drink of water or your best energy shot to combat dehydration and feel more energized. Your body can tell you when you need to hydrate it. For instance, the color of your urine is darker when you’re dehydrated and gets paler once you’re hydrated. Try to get a drink whenever you can or feel thirsty. Taking a preworkout or energy drink with norvaline in it will give you a boost in energy and blood flow, allowing you to workout better and stay more active during a hectic day.

  • Eat something

When you subject your body to starvation for a long time, your blood sugar level will drop, and your body will run on reserves which result in dizziness, irritability and a general feeling of exhaustion. If you feel this starting to happen, reach for something that will boost your energy, and take you through the rest of the day. 

Healthy snacks such as peanut butter banana slices or granola pieces will ensure you have a constant flow of energy. 

  • Watch your circle

Misery loves company, and emotions are contagious. If you’re always surrounded by people who put you down constantly and are negative, chances are high that you may begin to feel that way too. 

People who always see the negatives and don’t appreciate the positive in any situation are sure to sap up your energy, leaving you feeling emotionally exhausted. 

  • Listen to Music

Chances are when you listen to good, upbeat music, you will want to sing along to it and singing has been known to uplift one’s spirit by giving you an emotional high, while reducing the number of stress hormones in your body. If you’re fatigued, you will benefit from listening to your favorite song.

  • Get Some Sleep

If you want to maintain your energy levels throughout the day, adequate rest is essential. Try to have a bath or shower before you go to bed, do a few stretches, tidy up your sleeping area and lay down fresh sheets for better sleep. 

More tips to ensure good quality sleep are: 

  • Ensure your mattress is good quality and buy a comfortable pillow
  • Wear loose sleeping clothes
  • Keep yourself warm during sleep hours
  • Ensure you sleep and wake up at the same times every day
  • Employ the use of earplugs and eye masks
  • Let Go of Alcohol

It may be tempting to reach for a glass of your favorite drink before you turn in but this may be detrimental to getting your energy boost. Consuming alcohol especially when you’re dehydrated can throw your body off balance and lead to troubled sleep. 

If you do have to have some alcohol, try to do it in moderation and ensure you have as many days alcohol free as you can.

  • Reduce Stress

High-stress hormone levels have negative effects on your mental and physical energy and may also disrupt your sleep patterns.

Ways to reduce stress vary and may at times be personal, but we recommend:

  • Going to the spa and having a massage
  • Engaging in mindful practices such as meditation or yoga
  • Reading positive affirmations 

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