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Helping Students Transition to University

Did you know that the cost of college can be significantly reduced when students attend community college before transferring to a university? Students can complete their associates degrees first before going on to receive their bachelors, and there are many benefits in doing so. 

One of the major benefits in completing an associates degree first is that students are more likely to go on to complete their bachelor’s. In fact, 70% of students complete a bachelor’s degree when they transfer after completing their associates degree first. What’s more, students who take this route have been found to make more money after graduating than those who did not transfer. There is almost a $30k difference in students who transfer to complete their bachelors!

To help students transfer to universities and reap the rewards of that process, it is important to provide resources for them to succeed. Easier access to advisors is one of the best ways to assist in the transfer process. Advisors can keep students motivated in their academic career as well as prepare them for the process of transitioning from community college to a university. 

By offering students better resources to assist them in the transition from community college to university, we can expect to see more people completing their bachelor’s degrees. Learn more about the benefits of students transferring in the infographic below:

Transfer success
Source: Kentucky Student Success Collaborative

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