How Drinking Alcohol Can Damage Your Appearance

Alcohol is one of the leading causes of health troubles and death in the world.  Drinking alcohol at social events and to relax may seem like a harmless practice, but there’s more damage being done than you think.  

Drinking alcohol is devastating on all the systems of the body, and long term use will begin to affect your outward appearance as well.  If you’re working to preserve your youthful glow, you may want to consider cutting down on your drinks.  

Take a few moments to understand a little more about how drinking alcohol in excess can damage your appearance, and start taking steps towards a more vibrant future today.  

Dark circles under your eyes

You may think you get the best sleep ever when you fall asleep drunk, but that’s not really the case.  Drinking will offset your natural sleep rhythms, and cause you to sleep in a very restless manner throughout the night.  

Lack of quality sleep will cause you to develop dark circles under or around your eyes.  Placing a cold compress on your eyes for a while will help to reduce this issue, but reducing your alcohol intake is a sure way to bring the color back around your eyes.  

Bloating and puffiness in your abdomen

A heavy night of drinking can also lead to excess swelling or bloating in your body, specifically the abdomen area.  Alcohol depletes your body of vital fluids it needs to function properly, and the dehydration can do a number on your physical appearance.  

Drink less booze and more water, and you’ll see a decrease in your puffiness in no time.  Continuing to place this amount of stress on your body will lead to other issues. 

Alcohol can inflame Rosacea 

Alcohol can inflame a skin condition called Rosacea.  Rosacea is when blood vessels just under the skin on your face dilate and burst.  

Inflamed vessels cause excessive redness on the cheeks and can be very painful.  Almost all patients with Rosacea who report a decrease in their drinking habits also find that their symptoms are dramatically lessened.  

Dry and wrinkly skin 

Everyone knows that alcohol dehydrates the body.  It is a diuretic, and will make you pee out all of your vital fluids over the course of the evening.  

Placing your body through this cycle repeatedly can cause real damage to your skin over time.  Your skin will age prematurely, and your complexion will dull.  

Dry and thinning hair 

In addition to damaging and drying out your skin, drinking too much booze can do a number on your hair health.  Dry and thinning hair are often common in lifelong drinkers.  If you want to keep your do looking nice, pass on the booze at dinner.

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