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How to Burn Love Handles with Exercises, Workouts & Food

How can you burn love handles? Discover how to burn love handles with exercises that you can do at home or in the gym. By eating the right food to burn fat, these workouts give fantastic results.

Some call them spare tyres while others will use the term muffin top. These terms all refer to love handles. What exactly are love handles? They are simply buildup of fat around your waistline from years of eating bad fats, processed foods and drinks and drinking beer or wine. Fortunately, these fats can be burned, but it takes a lot of time. Since their accumulation on your midsection has taken years, you will therefore need hard work to melt them off.

How to Burn off Love Handles - Exercise Regularly
How to Burn off Love Handles – Exercise Regularly

The biggest obstacle is in finding the right exercises to burn them. Some trainers out to make a quick buck will promise spot reduction, which is impossible. Do not be fooled that certain exercises will burn your love handles. If you are not working on the calories you eat each day, then the exercises will do nothing either. Here is how to burn off love handles with exercises. You can burn love handles fast if you work on your body fat in the first place and this is possible from the food you eat.

How to Burn off Love Handles Successfully

If you are looking for the best way to burn love handles, you have come to the right place. Burning your muffin top takes hard work not just of exercising, but also watching what you eat. You must ensure that your diet is completely free from bad fats or carbs that cause the accumulation of fat along your waistline.

How to burn off love handles successfully takes avoiding white foods. This has to do with not only grains, but also the flours. If you must eat carbohydrates from grains and flours, avoid those that are white in color. The brown or whole flours are the healthiest and do not give your body carbs that are difficult to metabolize.

Similarly, you will have to do away with processed foods and go for food that you can make from your own kitchen with healthy natural ingredients. Processed foods come in cans and bottles and bear a lot of preservatives and sugars especially fructose. This will give your body no health benefits, but just add the burden of fats on your belly and back. The effects of these will show with a rounded muffin top.

You should also do away with saturated fats in your food. Therefore, instead of cooking with bad fats, you may have to stick to natural ones such as olive oils, coconut and peanut among others.  Furthermore, you must ensure that you consume the monosaturated fats from plants and animals.

How to Burn Love Handles Men with Weight Training and Body Building
How to Burn Love Handles Men with Weight Training and Body Building

Consuming vitamin C would also do you good in how to burn off love handles. They are effective in melting the fats naturally and boosting your immune system. Other sour foods to add include apple cider vinegar, lemons and red bell pepper among others.

Vitamin C is also available from various fruits and vegetables, which should feature majorly in your diet. These are also high in fiber and therefore, help in your body’s metabolism. As a result, your body does not have to remain with excessive fats, which it does not use.

How to burn off love handles successfully also involves eating foods without too much salt. Salt has the capability of retaining water in your body. As a result, it becomes difficult for nutrients to reach your nerves. You should add very little when preparing your food just to taste and not too much to hinder your blood’s absorption of nutrients that can help you burn fat.

Drinking a substantial amount of water is also essential as it helps you flush out toxins and keep your body properly hydrated. Whenever you feel thirsty, water is healthier than the soda or ice cream you would much prefer. Water can also fill your stomach so that you do not have to over indulge in too much food. Drink some water 20 minutes before your meal and you will not have to clear your plate once the meal is served.

Exercises to Burn Love Handles – Stomach, Lower Back Workouts

The workouts that burn love handles are those that target the stomach fat and that on the lower back. However, these exercises can only work if you are eating the right diet. If you cut fat in the foods you eat then these exercises to burn love handles will definitely work.

Most exercises that target the stomach and the lower back tighten the muscles there. Therefore, to completely burn fat with these workouts you have also to incorporate cardio in your workout regime.  The best stomach exercises include crunches, bicycle crunches, bicycle moves, leg flutters and sit-ups among others.

On the other hand, lower back exercises to burn love handles have to target muscles on your back and the advantage of these is that they can define your back dimples if you have them in your genes. Such exercises include Bulgarian split squat, alternate Spiderman and dead lifts among others. Here are lower back exercises that will define your lower back dimples. These are also exercises to burn love handles.

How to Burn Belly Fat and Love Handles with Cardio Exercises

Abdominal targeted exercises will burn your love handles or the fat in your belly. The best exercises are cardio. How to burn belly fat and love handles should become a cardio lifestyle. You should be prepared to walk, run, swim and bike for longer.

By equipping yourself with a pedometer, you should count the steps you take each day and plan to increase them every other time. Spot reduction is not possible, but burning body fat with cardio will also effect in your midsection.

Therefore, embrace walking, running and swimming and if you cannot bike, go workout on an elliptical machine. This will enable you to workout your legs and hands as you go about how to burn belly fat and love handles.

High Intensity Interval Training to Burn Love Handles Fast

It does not take a whole hour or several hours each day in order to achieve the results of your workout. By having high intensity interval training, you do not even have to take half an hour. You can exercise for as little as 20 minutes and while resting in between. This kind of exercises to burn love handles fast are more effective than spending a whole hour at the gym or in your living room working out.

How to Burn Love Handles Off - Avoid Junk Foods
How to Burn Love Handles Off – Avoid Junk Foods

15-20 minutes is the ideal time for HIIT. However, you have to plan properly so that you utilize the whole time effectively. Furthermore, you must ensure that you include cardio and targeted exercises in the HIIT plan.

Your body recovers better when the time used to burn love handles fast is short rather than long. Therefore, you will have no problems getting up the next morning to another fast action of HIIT. Try it and see how your body reacts to it.

How to Burn Love Handles Men with Weight Training and Body Building

This is how to burn love handles men. Weight training and bodybuilding has to become part of it in order to build the muscles and burn the fat in the body. However, the ideal low body fat has to be there for the weight training and bodybuilding to show results. It is best to do this kind of workout in the morning before breakfast, which should be followed with a heavy balanced breakfast with foods rich in cholesterol since calories are used in bodybuilding and weight lifting.

Best Foods That Burn Love Handles

Here is a list of foods that burn love handles. You must ensure that you eat a balanced diet each time with proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates and calcium minerals among other minerals.

  • Yogurt
  • Bananas
  • Oranges
  • Sweet potatoes
  • Lentils
  • Brown rice
  • Beets
  • Kales
  • Spinach
  • Collard greens
  • Red cabbage
  • Eggplant
  • Beans
  • Chicken without skin
  • Fish
  • Lean red

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