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How to Lose Love Handles Men

What are the best workouts on how to lose love handles for men? Discover how to lose love handles men exercises. Furthermore, losing love handles for me requires a change of diet and lifestyle in general.

Love handles unfortunately do not choose gender. In fact, according to my opinion men could be worst hit than women because they love their beer. Furthermore, they love to enjoy a game of football, baseball or basketball on TV while chewing on their favorite snack. Women on the other hand while in the house keep busy ensuring that the kids are fed, warm and up to nothing but good.

How to Lose Love Handles Men
How to Lose Love Handles Men

Whatever the cause of love handles in men, they leave them less confident and desirous of their fellow guys with six packs. It is impossible to acquire a six pack if you have belly fat. You have to lose it first in order for your muscles on the abdomen to be well defined. When it comes to losing the muffin top, if you are a man, you may be lost for ideas on what to do in order to achieve a flat belly.

This is because exercises alone cannot help you lose the love handles.  You may have to change your lifestyle just a little bit so that the best workouts to lose love handles can be effective. Here is how to lose love handles for men from the change of what you eat and how you eat to the best how to lose love handles men exercises.

How to Lose Love Handles for Men with Diet

As much as men do not need to watch what they eat so much in order to maintain a body without love handles, they ought not to be careless.  The following tips on how to lose love handles for men should guide when eating your daily meals. If you stick by these guidelines, you are sure going to have a healthier body even before you hit the gym or exercise room at home to tone the muscles with effective workout.

  1. The first tip involves cutting carbs in your diet. This will enable you to lose your calorie intake, but gain muscle in a matter of a few weeks. If you must eat the carbs, do it in the evening instead of during the day. How to lose love handles men carbohydrates must be kept minimal.
  2. Eat more proteins in the place of carbohydrates because a bigger percentage of proteins are processed than carbohydrates are.
  3. The third tip on how to lose love handles for men is dressing your salads with vinegar, lemon juice, pickles or eating gherkins and yoghurt. The sourness in these food items helps burn fat by 20%-40%.
  4. Make a habit of drinking water before your meals, this way, and your stomach will be too full to accommodate a lot of food.
  5. Start your day with exercises especially of weight lifting. After that go and have a heavy breakfast that includes eggs, black coffee and fresh fruits. If you must have juice make sure, it is all natural and not those processed juices with fructose. A good homemade juice is from tomatoes.
  6. Watch your diet for a whole week, but feel free to cheat on one day in a given week. This one day will not make you gain weight.
  7. Always eat small portions of food. Leave some food on your plate or ask for doggie bag if you are in a restaurant.
  8. Never forbid yourself a favorite food item, this will make you just want to indulge in it and excessively.
  9. Avoid refined grains, white bread and processed foods because calories from these food items settle around your waistline. Similarly, opt to skip the breadbasket in restaurants, as these free treats are not any healthier. Instead, order for an appetizer as you soon you get into a restaurant. If you must buy processed food items, go for the smallest bag and not the big bag.
  10. Include more of calcium in your diet as it helps your body burn fat and store less of it. Calcium deficiency in the body produces a hormone known as calcitriol, which allows fat to accumulate on your waistline creating the muffin top.
  11. A final tip on how to lose love handles for men involves keeping a record of your daily calories intake. It may be difficult to keep a journal yourself, but by creating an account in a site that helps  record the food items you eat and how well or badly you are doing, you will be able to make a change for the better in terms of your diet.

How to lose love handles men require changing, their eating habits to embrace healthier diets and less food. Eating too much will just lead to accumulation of fat and the hanging of your muffin top.

Best Exercises to Lose Love Handles for Men at Home, Gym

Most exercises that work for women in losing love handles also work for men especially the stomach exercises. However, men must take part in weight lifting and vigorous exercises in order to clear the muffin top. In fact, the vigorous exercises on how to lose love handles men can pay off with beautiful lower back dimples that are believed to be cute and sexy.

Therefore, the best exercises to lose love handles for men are not just advantageous in burning the fat but also getting you the sexy back dimples and a six pack as well. Here are some of the workouts that you can do at home or in a gym near you. Some require that you make use of proper equipment that can only be available in a gym.

  • Olympic Bar Full Contact twists:  the Olympic bar should be supported by two weights on one end or a wall. Hold the other end of the bar with your arms and stretch them out while pivoting on your right foot at an angle of 45 degrees to the left then alternate to pivot on the left foot and turn to the right side.
    How to Lose Love Handles Men - Watch the Carbs in Your Diet
    How to Lose Love Handles Men – Watch the Carbs in Your Diet


  • High planks
  • Low planks
  • Dead lifts
  • Side plank
  • Side plank hip dips
  • Stability ball plank
  • Lifting weights
  • Situps
  • Oblique crunches
  • Crunches
  • Side bends

It is also beneficial to mix these best exercises on how to lose love handles men with cardio workout such as using running, walking and swimming. This helps your entire body burn fat as stomach workouts are not necessarily the best exercises to lose love handles for men.

How to Lose Love Handles Fast for Men – Best, Easy Ways

The best way to lose love handles fast for men is through exercises. By lifting weights in the gym or at home if you have them, you will be more readily burn fat in your body and your midsection. This seems like hard work for anyone who is not fond of exercises. However, it is the only way to see tangible results.

If you want the love handles not to appear on your waistline in the first place, ensure that you avoid the following drinks that are high in calories:

  • Wine
  • Whole milk
  • Fizzy drinks
  • Fruit juices especially orange juice
  • If you must drink beer do it once a week and in less quantities

How to lose love handles fast for men requires watching your hormones as well, which cause the accumulation of fat on your midsection. These include:

  • Cortisol, which is as a result of stress, therefore sleep more and better at night
  • Insulin, watch the foods that you eat that they do not have a high GI
  • Calcitriol- ensure that you have lots of calcium in your diet
  • Low testosterone- lift weights at high intensity, do the stomach exercises named above and eat food rich in cholesterol especially eggs. Each exercise session should have 30-50 repetitions.

How to lose love handles men should focus 90% on their diet and 10% on exercise, which should be intense.

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