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How to Improve Your Hair

Walk into any personal hygiene section at a grocery store or supermarket, and you will be instantly greeted by hundreds of hair care products, all promising impressive benefits and all claiming to boost the health of your hair.  This can be extremely daunting and leaves most people feeling confused, irritated, and willing to just pick any product that jumps off the shelves.  Hair care, however, is not as simple as that.  Many hair care products, rather than actually targeting the actual problem, just target symptoms of hair damage and never make any noticeable improvements.  At the end of the day, you end up wasting your money and you lose interest in finding a product that will actually work as intended.  

Enter k18 hair pep, a product actually designed to improve your hair at the source.  Improving your hair and repairing the damage your hair has gone through really can be simple. While traditional hair repair tends to focus mostly on what the hair looks like at the end of the day, scientific process allows keratin repair to physically renew hair, making it soft, shiny, and strong again.  Instead of just looking at the external, focus on the internal, long-lasting health of your hair to give yourself a look that just won’t quit. 

The Science

If you have ever had your hair colored, bleached, or heat styled, the fact is that your hair is damaged.  Your cuticles have actually become damaged at almost a molecular level, leaving hair more porous and prone to breakage or splitting.  The disulfide bonds within your hair’s cortex actually break down, leaving your hair more brittle than it is naturally.  However, this product is able to target the broken keratin chains, delivering the proper amino acid that stimulates the diffusion of keratin, actually stimulating hair repair and creating new growth.  After over a decade of bioscientific research, a formula was found that mapped the entire active keratin genome of hair and a peptide was developed to reconnect the broken keratin chains, restoring bounce, elasticity, and resilience.  At the end of the day, the result is smoother, softer hair with less breakage and more shine.  The results are visible and tangible and will leave you happier about your hair.

Why Peptide?

While most hair care products focus on the external first (the way your hair looks rather than its internal health), peptide has a lasting positive effect. Instead of just looking better temporarily, your hair will be physically restored to its former health and strength.  

  • Peptide is great because not only do its dramatic results only take about four minutes to work, but it is also a product that can be applied either by a salon professional or in your own home! 
  • Peptide products are sold both as professionally applicable products during hair coloring treatments, or as masque treatments for in-home use.  You can actually get results on your own that will improve your hair almost instantly.
  • It is a low maintenance product that offers maximum benefits while still remaining lightweight, and it is flexible enough to work for all hair types; any hair that is damaged from bleach, color, or chemical and heat treatment will benefit from peptide hair improvement.

Lasting Effects

By far the best part about peptide treatment is that it does not wash out; it is not a temporary solution to a lasting problem, it is a lasting solution to improving your hair.  Because it actually heals bonds broken by hair treatments, the keratin bonds in your hair will last until your next coloring or bleaching.  This allows you the peace of mind of knowing that no matter what your hair goes through in the meantime, it is still healthy and happy, just like you are.

Giving yourself the best chance to succeed with hair health means looking for longevity.  There is no downside to actually looking for a long-term solution, and peptide treatments actually give you that in a cost-effective way that gives you flexibility either in your own home or within a salon environment.     

In Summary

Hair care can be extremely daunting.  With hundreds of products offering miracle cures and vying for your attention and your money, it can be difficult to narrow down your options to something that you can actually feel good about investing in.  However, instead of looking to marketing for answers, look to the science behind peptide hair repair.  If you need a way to actually improve your hair, increase its health, and feel better about the way it looks and feels, peptide treatments are where you should look.  You can easily gain the kind of growth and repair that would take months with traditional hair care in only minutes with the keratin based protein growth found in peptide hair treatment. With first-in-class Biomimetic haircare, you can actually repair your hair the natural way.         

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