Women’s Rights. Are We Sliding Backwards?

With so much controversy being brought to our attention revolving around the Black Lives Matter movement, many people worldwide have been voicing their opinion regarding hot topics being presented by Social Media. With Black Lives Matter taking center stage, some of these other issues have been pushed to the back burner or forgotten completely.

One of which, which has had the spotlight for some time but has recently been forgotten is that of feminism and gender equality. Although there are differing tiers of support and opinion as there are in all cases, I would just like to highlight some women’s rights that affect their health and well being. Because of these rights, women should feel empowered, strong, and independent, and I’ll tell you why.

1.      Freedom of speech.

In the past, and in different cultures still today, women were supposed to be silent, not voice their opinion, and know their place in the home. Today it’s different. Every individual has something to contribute and women everywhere are finally provided the opportunity to show that. Whether it’s protesting, voicing concerns on social media, or larger scale decision making in governmental positions, women everywhere are finally realizing the impact they can have on society, and that’s incredibly empowering.

The realization that you can change your community, and now because of technology, can change the world; gives an individual a new sense of confidence that can hardly be measured. However, we can see this change in individuals and communities all over the world.

2.      Freedom of individuality.

The knowledge that you are an individual and respected as such it a mental game changer as well. Based on the freedoms stated above, knowing you can make a difference but in a personal way is also important to mental health. Without individualization, it’s impossible to make it to the top of the pyramid of self-actualization and finally realize your human potential. Unfortunately, the individual is attacked on social media platforms and body shaming.

This is done unintentionally through private corporations and advertisements as well. The “perfect body” is presented and women are made to think that their individual worth is less than that of what it actually is because of false expectations and unrealistic beautification. However, speaking once more on the side of mental health, it’s important for women to understand that their individual worth isn’t based on looks or sex appeal, but rather on their contributions to society and their knowledge of their limitless potential.

3.      Reproductive rights.

One of the greatest rights a woman has is knowing that she can bring another human being into this world. I’ll try my best to avoid any political agendas, but the miracle of life is only given to women and isn’t presented to men. Physically, women have the right to decide when they want to have a child, and when the time isn’t right.

Although mental health is often looked over in society, it’s important to know that women have been given rights that will increase both their mental and physical health, and it’s nice to see those rights being used for the promotion of society today.

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