Large Pores on Nose Causes & Treatment of Oily Nose Pores

What causes enlarged pores on nose? Are there treatments for oily nose pores? Learn the causes and treatment of large pores on nose in this article.

Everyone has pores on skin, but large pores leave some people sad and gloomy. The little pits on skin can be a nuisance when they become clogged with dirt and excessive oils. Once there is clogging in the pores, pimples breakout.  For anyone who has not dealt with acne before it becomes another huge problem altogether. Acne is avoidable if people understand their pore size and how well to care for them.

Large pores on your nose can be very visible, and will easily get infected
Large pores on your nose can be very visible, and will easily get infected.

In fact, people can reduce large pores on skin once they understand the underlying causes. The nose is one of the major parts of the face that suffers from enlarged pores. Enlarged pores on nose can be treated once the causes are established. The treatments range from home solutions to over the counter products.  Without further ado, let us look as the large pores on nose causes and treatments.

What Causes Large Pores on Nose?

Large pores are genetically formed. This means that we inherit them from our parents who also had them.

Big pores on your nose can easily form blackheads
Big pores on your nose can easily form blackheads.

Apart from the inheritance theory, bigger nose pores are caused by sebaceous glands, which are larger there and on the forehead as well. This is why, the nose and the forehead tends to shine more than any other parts on the face.

We can also have them because of not cleansing on and around it properly. As a result, oil and dirt builds up over time leading to enlarged pores on nose. In summary what causes big pores? The answer is genetics, large sebaceous glands, and accumulation of sebum and dirt on the nose.

Oily Nose Large Pores

If you have an oily skin most probably, you will have oily nose large pores as well. This is because there will be more sebum released on your nose area than on any other parts of your face. Therefore, your nose will tend to shine a lot as the enlarged pores there become overactive in the production of sebum.

Although, the skin requires the sebum to maintain its elasticity, the oily nose large pores are a turn off.  They are the first things that greet those who come near you. They are not only enlarged pits, but also they seem to give your nose an extra shine that is not appealing at all.

If you have those visible big pores, you might want to use a cleanser or a pore minimizing face mask
If you have those visible big pores, you might want to use a cleanser or a pore minimizing face mask.

Dealing with oily nose large pores should be a priority in your beauty regimen to avoid getting blackheads. These are small pimples without an outer skin, which after oxidization turn dark. Your face should have an even complexion in order to appear healthy. However, when there are blackheads on the oily nose it will become darker than the rest of the skin.

The best way to curb oiliness on the nose is through proper washing of the face and the nose in particular. You should cleanse your face while paying attention to the nose every morning and evening using a mild cleanser that is alcohol and fragrance free.

Furthermore, you should tone with a natural toner or one that has fruit enzymes in order to remove excess oils from the cleanser and in the nose pores. A moisturizer that is oil free should follow after toning, one that has alpha hydroxyl acids to rejuvenate the cells on the nose.

Steaming once or bi-weekly is also advisable in order to allow the steam to emulsify the oils in the oily nose large pores. If your skin is a bit sensitive, you may just need one steaming session each week. A mud mask or clay mask should also follow each steaming session in order to tighten the pores on your nose.

If you must use makeup to hide the oily nose large pores, ensure that you apply a pore minimizing lotion before it. This will ensure that the nose looks flawless with makeup because the pores have been tightened underneath it.

One of the best creams for oily nose large pores is:

Large Pores on Nose Treatment

There are various large pores on nose treatments that can help decrease their size. They range from over the counter treatments to prescription medicines. While some nose pores treatments are expensive, others are cheap and readily available from kitchen gardens or from groceries. These treatments do not eliminate the nose large pores, but rather make them appear smaller.

These are the most common treatment options:

A BB cream for pores on your face
A BB cream for pores on your face
  • Home remedies such as honey, oatmeal mask, juices of tomato, cucumber and lemon, egg whites mask, milk and nutmeg
  • Retinoids such as Retin A, Tazarac, which are prescription medicines
  • Facial products in the name of cleansers, toners , moisturizers and sunscreens with salicylic acid or lipohydroxy acids
  • Topical antibiotics to clear any breakouts if any
  • Oral antibiotics especially if you have breakouts often on the nose
  • Chemical peels
  • Microdermabrasion
  • Laser Treatment e.g. Isolaz, smoothbeam and fraction laser skin resurfacing among others
  • Extraction facials

How to Close Large Pores on Nose

The following advice is on how to minimize large pores on your nose. Since the pores are already formed hair follicles, our genes predetermine their size. Therefore, their size cannot be altered in anyway. However, we can fool the eyes in the way the big pores appear. Here is how to close large pores on nose:

  • After washing your face with warm water, splash some cold water to close the pores
  • Always use a mild or natural astringent in the nose area such as apple cider vinegar. You can always mix it in clays or with pure water to close pores on nose.
  • Use makeup that is not oily and apply a primer before its application. The makeup you choose to close  pores on the nose should be non-comedogenic to avoid clogging the pores further.

Large Pores on Nose Blackheads

Sometimes blackheads will appear on the nose due to over production of sebum by the sebaceous glands there. Blackheads are clogged pores with openings on the skin surface that lead them to oxidize and change in color. When this is the case, large pores on nose blackheads should be treated with skin care products that help unclog them. Furthermore, avoid squeezing the blackheads, as it would make the pores on nose even larger scar the surrounding tissues or fresh breakouts.

Large Pores on Nose Before and After Pictures

This is how large pores on nose before and after look like in these pictures. The person in this picture has used L’Oreal Paris Magic BB cream to make the large pores on nose appear closed.

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