Neck Wrinkles – Get Rid of and Prevent Neck Lines

Neck wrinkles can be gotten rid of easily using best creams, home remedies, neck exercises, cures and surgical treatments that remove neck lines. Here’s how to get rid of a wrinkly neck or sagging skin with best creams, treatments and other DIY anti-aging options.

Dermatologists recommend various ways of preventing the formation of creases on the neck and even face. Some clinically proven topical creams such have been found to work in reducing the appearance of age marks and lines on the skin. CBD oil helps with wrinkles too. Apart from using such anti-aging products, you can opt for other methods such as exercises, diet, natural home remedies and surgery treatment to eliminate neck creases and folds. But what causes neck wrinkles?

Neck Wrinkles - How to Get rid of neck lines
Folds and creases on neck.

What Causes Neck Wrinkles?

Smoking causes neck lines and other types of wrinkles on the body. Apart from constricting the blood vessels, cigarette smoke is known to cause the skin to release enzymes that break down elastin and collagen, leaving the skin around the neck susceptible to neck lines.

Exposure to the sun is also one of the primary causes of neck lines. Have you been exposing yourself to the sun too much? Well, neck lines or neck wrinkles come as a result of excessive exposure of the skin to the sun. UV and UVB rays destroy the skin’s elasticity and contribute to the formation of neck wrinkles.

Posture is important to prevent a wrinkly neck
Posture is important to prevent a wrinkly neck.

As your skin ages, it continues to lose fat. The same process happens on around your face, cheeks, eyes and various other parts of the body. This causes the skin to sag and form a wrinkly skin, also called the turkey neck.

Tanning booths have also been identified as some of the causes of neck lines especially in women. When you expose yourself to the radiations of the sun while tanning, the skin becomes weaker and ends up causing neck lines.

Aging can never miss as a culprit among the causes of neck lines. As your skin ages, it loses most of its natural vitality and ends up forming natural aging signs. Other causes of neck lines include poor diet, habits and genetics.

How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles and Horizontal Lines

Deep neck lines or a turkey neck can be tightened at home. Neck care tips such as hydrating, eating a healthy balanced diet, or anti-aging foods can help you get rid of neck wrinkles fast. If you have a sagging skin just below your chin, surgical removal may be the fastest way to remove it though.

Get a good anti-wrinkle lotion or moisturizer for your neck to keep it looking young. Sometimes, posture is enough to remove and reduce horizontal lines around your neck. The HealthSite recommend that you do face yoga to help with wrinkle removal. So, how do you get rid of neck wrinkles and horizontal lines? Below, we have discussed in detail the various neck care options and techniques to firm up sagging skin around your neck that appears as a wrinkly neck.

How to Get Rid of Saggy Neck Without Surgery

Non-surgical methods are the best. They are not only cheap or affordable but also effective as well. So, how can you get rid of neck lines without surgery? Home remedies discussed below are the best for reducing neck lines and creases without surgery procedures.

How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles Naturally

Natural treatments are also good. These may include homemade natural creams for sagging skin, exercises and other natural ingredients. Below, we have also discussed the best natural anti-wrinkle treatments for a wrinkly neck.

Best Neck Wrinkle Cream – Tighten the Creases

Neck wrinkle creams are also used to get rid of neck lines. You can try some of the best creams for firming skin on neck to diminish those horizontal lines fast. Homemade anti-aging creams can be of help even though they may not act fast. You can easily make an anti-wrinkle skin firming cream using oils such as coconut oil and olive oil. Other than that, what neck anti-wrinkle creams work? Here is a list of top rated creams to help you get rid of horizontal neck lines:

  • Reventin Neck Firming Cream
  • StriVectin-TL Tightening Neck Cream
  • Revision Nectifirm
  • Olay Total Effects Anti-Aging Night Firming Treatment
  • Equate Advanced Reviving Anti Wrinkle and Firming Moisturizer Face and Neck Cream

    Neck Wrinkle Cream
    Neck firming creams such as Reventin can tighten skin on the neck and prevent it from sagging.

A good neck wrinkle cream should be able to moisturize your skin to prevent it from creasing even when you sleep. Retin A is one of the best ingredients that you can find in anti-aging creams. However, consult your dermatologist before applying it on your face, neck and chest. Read customer reviews and testimonials too before buying these creams. Here are handy tips:

  1. Exfoliate your skin regularly to reduce creases from dry loose skin. Once a week will be enough to remove the dead skin cells that prevent efficient absorption of moisturizers to keep your skin well hydrated. One of the home remedies of neck wrinkles and neck lines is to mix a little sugar with Manuka Honey Bio Active 5+ to make a paste that you can spread on the neck. Apply on the neck as you spread in circular motions using your fingertips. Sugar scrubs the neck while the honey softens and hydrates your skin.
  2. Have you heard of neck exercises? You need to include them in your workout regimes if you want to reduce neck lines. See below a description of some of the best neck exercises to firm up the skin.
  3. Apply natural vitamin C to help rejuvenate your skin. This should be done consistently especially if you have neck lines resulting from aging. The benefits of vitamin E oil may also erase those horizontal wrinkles around your neck.
  4. Always eat a healthy diet, normally rich in omega 3 fatty acids and antioxidants. Fruits and vegetables should be consumed in plenty because they will supply you with adequate antioxidants that will help keep your skin looking young and vibrant.
  5. Moisturize the skin everyday to stop fine lines from growing into deep lines. Moisturizers that contain alpha hydroxy acids, vitamin C and retinoids will reduce the appearance of neck lines because the ingredients fight sun damage. Olive oil massages can also help reduce neck wrinkles.

Neck Wrinkles Surgery to Reduce Creases

Cosmetic procedures for horizontal neck lines and wrinkles can also be used to treat the problem. A wrinkled neck has to be treated in a very delicate way because skin around the neck and chest is delicate. Surgery to remove neck wrinkles is therefore done with much less intensity according to Robert Kotler, MD, FACS, a cosmetic and plastic surgeon.

Before and after neck lift surgery
Before and after neck lift surgery.
  • Neck skin is thinner and does not heal as fast as the facial skin
  • The layers of the skin around your neck does not regenerate easily, which calls for a more gentle approach to getting rid of neck wrinkles.

So, what procedures are available for reducing stubborn neck folds and lines? Intense pulse light surgery is a popular option that is safe and can improve the appearance of those age lines on your neck. However, this procedure has to be done in various sessions and not just one. And what is the cost of neck wrinkle surgery? Cosmetic surgery or neck lift to fix wrinkled neck can cost above $1000 depending on the clinic.

How to Prevent Neck Wrinkles (Avoid Lines on Neck while Sleeping)

Is it possible to prevent wrinkles on the neck? While sleeping, neck creases form because of a regular habit you do when you get onto your pillow every night. Coupled with the signs of aging, you are likely to get a sagging skin on your neck area. Poor sleeping posture can also cause chest and cleavage wrinkles. So, how do you prevent neck wrinkles? Here’s what to do to maintain a younger looking neck:

Quit smoking to prevent wrinkles on lips, neck and face
Quit smoking to prevent wrinkles on lips, neck and face
  • Protect your neck skin from excessive sun exposure. UVB and UVA rays are not healthy for the delicate skin
  • Firm up creasing neck by hydrating enough. Drink 8 glasses of water or more daily
  • Cleanse the skin around your chest and neck with potato slices for a healthy detox
  • Avoid using high pillows. Instead, use a good anti-wrinkle pillow to prevent the creases while sleeping.
  • Avoid smoking
  • Work on your body posture. An upright posture with your chin up and your head straight will prevent wrinkles on the neck.

Neck Exercises for Wrinkles

Horizontal lines on the neck can also be removed using a simple routine of neck exercises. Here are a few important neck exercises to get rid of wrinkles on neck fast.

Toning your neck muscles with exercises will reduce lines.
Toning your neck muscles with exercises will reduce lines.

Neck Pinches: Using your thumb and any other finger, pinch your skin gently not to leave marks on your neck. You don’t want to look like someone with a hickey. Pull the skin downward as you lift the neck and throat against the force you create by forcing the skin downward. 10 pulls and pinches will get remove the wrinkles fast but not overnight.

Chewing: Chewing will help you work-out your neck muscles as you work your jaw. To get rid of those horizontal neck lines, sit upright and tilt your head back. Close your lips (and keep them that way). Start making chewing motions with your mouth. After about 10 minutes of this neck exercise for wrinkle removal, you will feel the burn. Rest and do some 10 more reps. By the time you advance to about 50 reps a day, you will end up having reduced sagging skin.

Kissing the Sky Neck Exercises: Funny as it sounds, it can reduce neck creases and folds when done properly and religiously. To do this anti-wrinkle neck exercise, tilt your head back and then close your eyes and lips. Breathe in deeply. Pucker the lips and kiss, stretching the kiss upward as if to kiss the sky. Hold there for about 10 seconds. Let the stretch go by lowering the chin and looking straight ahead. 5 reps in a row and two sets before and after bed will reduce neck wrinkles.

Treatment for Neck Wrinkles

Treatment for neck wrinkles is not so different from the general treatments applied as treatments for skin wrinkles. Whether it is home remedies for neck lines or surgical procedures, all of them can be applied as treatments deep neck lines. The following are neck wrinkle treatments worth exploring to remove horizontal lines.

  1. Laser treatment for neck wrinkle removal can be done using Fractionated CO2 lasers commonly used for various cosmetic skin procedures such as stretch mark removal work as wrinkle treatments too. The skin is tightened by this procedure.
  2. Surgery treatment can also be used where surgical incisions are made beneath the chin or the area just behind the ear so that a physician can alter the platysma muscles remove a wrinkly neck.
  3. Botox Injections and plumper injections have also been widely used as treatments for neck wrinkles. They improve the surface of the skin dramatically as they are known to rejuvenate the skin fast.
  4. Microdermabrasion and dermabrasion treatment for firming up neck skin
  5. Fillers and injectable treatments for neck lines

    Before and after botox treatment for neck lines (courtesy of Mayoralderm)
    Before and after botox treatment for neck lines (courtesy of Mayoralderm)

Home Remedies for Neck Wrinkles

As stated above, the different neck wrinkle treatments as well as home remedies are not unique to the neck alone. We have discussed how to get rid of wrinkles using natural remedies before. Some of the remedies include the following:

  • Egg white is used as a home remedy for neck wrinkles and other cosmetic skin problems too.
  • Papaya pulp and olive oil
  • Egg white application as a home remedy for neck wrinkles
  • Mixing glycerin, egg white and rose water makes one of the best home treatment
  • Ripe banana mash and flaxseed oil will help get rid of deep neck lines
  • Fuller’s earth, rose water and curd makes a good home remedy
  • Turmeric powder and sugar cane juice make a good paste considered as one of the most effective home remedies for a wrinkled neck.

The list goes on, but in detail and well described to make it easy for you to try the remedies. But one more thing – are these lines a sign of thyroid problems?

Lines on Neck and Thyroid

There are so many signs associated with thyroid disease. Lines around neck, neck pain, itchy neck, thick neck skin and neck lump are some of the common symptoms that people associate with thyroid gland problems. But are lines on your neck a sign of thyroid? Lines at the back of your neck or front of your neck are not necessarily a sign of thyroid problems. If you have a creased or wrinkly neck, you are likely to be showing signs of aging. However, if the skin is too thick than normal, you should see a doctor. For some people, it is simply excessive fat deposits due to weight problems while in others, it could be a sign of something more serious.

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