Pro Tips To Prevent Chafing Before It Starts

I work with people that want to look their absolute best every day.  And what I could tell you about my clients would, most definitely, change your perspective on some things.  Here are five misnomers about people that you don’t think about when reading magazines in the checkout line at the grocery store.  First, the people on these pages are real people with real problems. Second, they aren’t airbrushed when you see them live, so they have to work harder at looking like they do in magazines and online.  This includes hiding their chub. Yes, everyone has areas of their bodies with fatty tissue or extra skin. Third, we are all susceptible to chafing on a regular basis from a variety of activities we undertake – from working out to travelling.  In fact, the tighter we wear our clothing, the more chafing we can get. Fourth, the rumor that people have been literally sewn into their clothing is absolutely true. Think wedding dress! And finally, people in the public eye can never, ever escape the public perception of them.  This makes them incredibly self-aware…of everything.

So, let’s take it from the top.  Chub, for those that don’t realize the name but have the problem, is the fatty skin that hangs off of each and every one of us.  Many people use the term to refer only to the skin on the thighs; however, I use the term for extra skin on the arms as well. Frankly, we all have chub in one place or another, unless we’re superhuman.  For each person, the location may be different, but the problem remains the same. Even my clients that exercise several hours a day have it – it may not be as noticeable – but they still have it.  

And there is a very real condition where the chub gets chafed and rubs.  It’s obviously called chub rub. It presents itself in several ways – from mere redness to a full prickly, bumpy rash that takes days, or even weeks, to resolve.  The chafing is also harder to hide. It comes from the skin rubbing against itself; however, in my line of work, I would tell you that fabric rubbing on that skin also causes it.  So, what do you think happens when we strap our clients into their clothing, or you put on an outfit a size too small? You got it! Chafing.  

Here’s a little-known fact: chafing and chub rub are both 100 percent preventable.  And, while there are tricks of our trade to prevent it – from talcum powder (which leaves a stain and can cause cancer) to certain oils and other products which destroy the clothing and show splotches.  It’s important to remember that whenever someone is dressed for a big event, you can bet there will be extra bright lighting. That lighting, in turn, shows everything. In other words, goodbye talc and goodbye oil-based options.

I was recently given a relatively new, natural product for this exact purpose called ChubRub.  ChubRub, by the way, is made by ZoneNaturaIs, tried it myself.  Not in front of the bright lights or in the big city – but at home and also in the gym.  Guess what? No stains, no smells, and most importantly, no chafing. I had to be perfectly convinced the product would work before recommending it.  But last weekend, I brought the product to a bride I was working with, and suggested she use it, because her dress was a bit too tight in a place or two.  She looked magnificent in her dream dress, but what she had to endure all night may or may not have been worth it. (That part was up to her). After using ChubRub, she never got any chafing and she made it through the night with an air of bliss about her.  The next day, she told me how special her day had been, and how thankful she was that, after removing her wedding gown, she had no rash. The rash had been something she was worried about hiding all night because it was something she got regularly.

In other words, the fear of getting a rash from her chub rubbing impacted her mindset on what should have been the most special and stress-free day of her life.  The fact that she noticed, after she changed, that the problem had been prevented, and thought to mention it to me, was epic in my book. As I continue to work with more and more people, I will continue to bring my ChubRub in my bag.  I will also advise my clients to purchase it for themselves for everyday use. I feel that, like a deodorant, ChubRub should be part of our daily repertoire.  

It will be available in Walmart Stores nationwide in about a month.  The fact that this product is so accessible and easy-to-use is a top selling point for me.  The fact that it can change your mindset, so you stop feeling like you have to hide your chub should be empowering to you, the reader.  At the end of the day, regardless of what your reason is for using this product, just know that it gets a “gold star” in my book.

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