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Laser Brown Spot Removal Cost, Before and After Pictures

Laser brown spot removal is a good option with immediate results. In this article, find out the cost of removing brown patches on skin with laser treatment, the procedure of laser therapy and side effects of laser brown spot removal. Also see before and after pictures of laser on age spots on hands, face and neck.

Laser Brown Spot Removal from Hands
Laser Brown Spot Removal from Hands
  • How does laser work in removing age spots?
  • How much does it cost to have laser treatment for brown spots on face?
  • Does laser age spot removal work successfully?
  • What are the side effects of laser removal of liver spots?

Laser treatment for age spots is a technique that uses high-energy pulsating laser light to remove the unwanted brown spots and sometimes even red spots and white spots on the skin. This technology is commonly used for most dermatology or skin problems, including removal of stretch marks and even wrinkle removal.

With the completion of laser treatment, your skin will remain clear without blemishes and those age spots, sun spots and even liver spots. The procedure of laser removal of brown spots is commonly used when there is need to remove brown spots on face, on legs and other body parts. It is generally considered safe and produces satisfying results in getting rid of brown spots fast. The before and after pictures of brown spot removal show the expected results of the procedure.

Before and After Pictures of Laser for Brown Spots

Laser Brown Spot Removal Before and After
Before and After Picture

In order to get a picture of what to expect after your sessions, you should ask your doctor or dermatologist to fill you in on the details of the procedure. Asking important questions about the procedure is important.

Other than the questions, let your laser brown spot removal surgery doctor provide you with brown spot laser resurfacing before and after photos to see the effectiveness of the procedure. If the laser sunspot removal before and after pictures are satisfactory and will work well on your skin tone, consider the treatment procedure. There are before and after photos in this post as samples of successful patients who have had laser resurfacing. Other than these pictures, ask your laser treatment doctor the following questions:

  • What risks are involved in laser treatment for age spots?
  • Is the laser treatment for freckles, brown blotches, white spots and liver spots covered by my insurance?
  • Will the dark brown spots disappear completely?
  • Can laser treatment be used for brown spots on lips?
  • How long does the treatment therapy take?
  • How many treatment sessions are required?
  • What are the involved side effects of laser brown spots removal?

Cost of Laser Brown Spot Elimination

Laser brown spot removal cost is not a definite one. Your therapist should be able to give you a quote after examining the extent of the brown patches on the skin. Most dermatology salons and clinics will have their own pricing for laser correction or discoloration.

The cost of laser resurfacing treatments cost between $700 and $1000, but that will depend on many things, including the number of sessions you are likely to undergo. Insurance or medical covers generally do not include cosmetic surgeries and treatments, so you are likely to carry the cost on your own.

Procedure of Laser Brown Spot RemovalBefore and After Age Spots Removal Laser

Laser age spot removal before and after pictures here are commonly for different types of laser treatment for brown blotches on skin. Your surgeon may opt to use any of the various laser devices to get rid of patches on the back, hands, face, legs, shoulders and even neck. Here are a few of the commonly used devices in the procedure.

  • Intense Pulsed Light Laser
  • Q Switched Laser
  • Broad Band Light Laser

Q switched laser is one of the quickest and most effective treatment for removing brown spots. It is also commonly used in the removal of tattoos and other makeups that are permanent and unwanted.

The general procedure of laser for brown spots takes about 15 minutes per session. However, it may extend to one hour but this depends on the color, size and depth of the brown spots on your skin, face, legs or hands. If the marks, brown patches or spots are many, the laser surgery for brown spots removal will be more intense and may take longer.

How Laser Treatment for Brown Spots Works

Your surgeon or doctor will use a laser age spot removal device to focus an intense beam of laser light on your skin to remove the blotches. You are likely to feel a little pain tingling on your skin, but this will depend on whether or not your skin is sensitive.

The procedure is done on an outpatient basis, and your doctor will determine the number of sessions you need in order to get the desired result you see on laser resurfacing before and after for brown spots pictures. Some people go for just one session, while others go for several treatment sessions for laser therapy to fade brown patches and age marks.

Laser Brown Spot Removal Side Effects

Side effects and risks are generally reduced, but patients may experience slight pain during the treatment. In some cases, the therapist may opt to use a topical anesthesia before the session of removing the discoloration on the skin. Side effects and risks may also include blistering after the treatment, reddening of the skin especially on the face. Another side effect is lightening of the treated skin, also called hypopigmentation, which will still leave your skin with discolorations. It is important to consider all these before going for laser brown spot removal.

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