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How to Get Rid of Dark Inner Thighs, Whiten, Treat Dark Skin on Inner Thighs

Do you have inner thighs that are darker than your overall complexion? This can be caused by a number of things. Fortunately enough, there are various ways to lighten dark inner thighs. Find out how to get rid of the dark spots discreetly using home remedies and the treatment options available.

What is Dark Skin on Inner Thighs? (with Pictures)

Some women strain with thighs that have a complexion that is darker than the rest of the body. This is mostly caused by friction on the thighs. The friction could be as a result of a number of factors such as being overweight, rough or tight clothing, excessive sweating and dry skin. Other causes of dark skin on inner thighs include skin conditions and improper shaving.

You can lighten dark inner thighs naturally
You can lighten dark inner thighs naturally.

At times, the dark coloration may be accompanied with pain, inflammation and redness. This though is rare and dark skin on thighs will mostly be a source of embarrassment as opposed to discomfort. The uneven skin color tone could make one conscious especially when they want to wear short clothes, bikinis or when they are getting intimate. See the pictures of dark upper thighs included in this post for a clear picture of the problem.

This could lead to one abstaining from these activities to avoid feeling embarrassed. With time, this creates an urge for one to have flawless skin. The good thing about it is that dark skin on thighs does not have to be permanent unless it is out of choice. There are various ways through which one can get rid of the hyperpigmentation.

What Causes Dark Inner Thighs?

It is common for some individuals to experience a dark coloration on their inner thighs. The causes of this are wide and varied. Although they are rarely painful, dark patches on any part of the skin can be embarrassing. Among some of the causes for dark inner thighs are:

Obesity: When people are overweight, there is an increased rubbing of the thighs when they walk. This leads to itchy skin that discolors with time. To avoid this, one should ensure they wear lose fitting pants. They should also go for natural fibers as opposed to wearing synthetic fabrics. This is because these will tend to cause more irritation.

Exposure to the sun: For persons who enjoy spending reasonable time in the sun, this could cause an increase in melanin production as the skin tries to protect itself from harsh UV rays. Marieclaire.com lists tanning and failure to wear sunscreen as one of the eight worst things a person can do to their skin. To avoid a darkening of the inner thighs, avoid their over-exposure to the sun.

Protect skin on your thighs when sunbathing
Protect skin on your thighs when sunbathing

Hormonal imbalance: There are women who will notice a darkening of the inner thighs and other parts of the body at times when their hormones are fluctuating. This includes times when they are pregnant. The use of hormonal pills has also been implicated in hyperpigmentation not only between the legs but also in other parts of the body. When one is pregnant, there is also an increase in the production of melanin leading to dark spots on inner thighs.

Medication: Some medication could also contribute to changes in skin color. Oral contraceptives could cause pigmentation. Where this is the cause, one should ask for alternatives from their doctor.

Friction: When one leg rubs over the other, the skin tissue on the inner thighs gets irritated. When this occurs over a long time, the result is hyperpigmentation of the inner thighs. This is likely to occur mostly in women who are overweight because they will be lacking a thigh gap which leads to increased friction. People who wear clothes that are too tight could also experience this. Other situations in which there could be increased friction include people who walk or cycle over long distances.

Skin Disorder: Acanthosis Nigricans is a skin disorder which involves formation of rough patches, symmetrical stains as well as tanning in the folds. Some of the contributing factors to one having the disorder include diabetes, heredity, some cancers, obesity and medication. This type of disorder is very rare and can be diagnosed by a medical officer and relevant medication prescribed.

Excessive sweating: When one sweats too much, the sweat accumulates around the inner thighs. The chemical remnants from the body that are in it get confined within that area and will lead a darkening of the area.

Shaving: Most women will want their intimate areas hairless. This leads to regular shaving. When one uses blunt razors on the inner thighs, it irritates the skin. This practice could also lead to ingrown hairs. With time, one will get inner thighs that are dark from shaving.

How you shave your legs and upper thighs can cause blackness and bumps.
How you shave your legs and upper thighs can cause blackness and bumps.

What Causes Dark Spots on Inner Thighs?

Apart from general dark skin in the thighs, one could also experience dark spots on inner thighs. One of the causes for the spots may be the presence of black heads. These dark spots result from the accumulation of excess oil in the hair follicles.

When skin is neglected and not cleaned up well enough, one could get inner thigh rashes. These come with a lot of discomfort and itching. Immediate treatment is necessary to alleviate the symptoms. Once the rash has healed, one could be left nursing some dark spots. Another cause for uneven skin color tone between the legs could be skin conditions such as contact dermatitis.

How to Lighten Dark Inner Thighs (Whiten Black Inner Thighs)

Although dark inner thighs are a no life threatening condition, they come with so many disadvantages. When one has darker thighs, there are limitations in what they can wear. In women, bikinis and short clothes may be off the limit. Dark inner thighs will also leave one self-conscious as to some people they may look unhygienic. They therefore could be a cause for embarrassment. So conscious are some people that it might negatively affect their getting intimate.

So how can you whiten inner thighs if they are black? There are various methods through which one can lighten dark inner thighs. Immediately one realizes their inner thighs are getting dark, they should start off with home remedies. These work best when the dark pigmentation has not been present for too long. Although they may take a little bit longer for effects to be seen, they come with a number of advantages. Most of the home remedies are natural. They therefore do not cause any harm to the body. They also are readily available and therefore cheap.

Skin lightening creams can help here.
Skin lightening creams can help here.

In case these do not work, one can opt for topical products. These come in two types. There are some that are available over the counter while others are only available on prescription basis. The two will contain elements that are known to lighten skin in varying measures. Where these as well do not seem to work, one can seek medical treatment. There are medical procedures that one can undergo to whiten inner thighs. These include dermabrasion, cryotherapy and laser treatments which.

Dark Spots on Inner Thighs

When one has dark spots on inner thighs, some areas of it have patches that are light while others are dark. This uneven coloration can be aesthetically unappealing. There are different reasons why one may have dark marks on inner thighs.

For some, the cause will be black heads. This is caused by a disorder that occurs around hair follicles leading to formation of a small bump around it. This is usually a buildup of keratin. The skin cells around this areas take a little longer to slough off thus making the follicles get clogged. This whole process is caused by excess oil accumulating around the pores thus clogging them.

Other causes for uneven skin color patches on the inner thighs include excessive sweating and accumulation of dead skin cells. When people are overweight, there is the possibility that their thighs will rub against each other causing the skin to get chaffed. When this happens over a long time, the parts that rub against each other regularly will become darker than the surrounding skin.

For people who want to get rid of this, it takes some efforts. If the cause of skin darkening is being overweight which then leads to increased friction, one would need to lose some weight. With leaner thighs the amount of friction exerted would be less. This way any efforts put into getting rid of the dark patches would be relevant. For people who love wearing tight clothes, this would have to change. Wear loose clothes to avoid sweat from accumulating around the thighs.

Once these preventive measures have been put into place, one has to practice meticulous hygiene. Clean the area rigorously during showers. One can also try using mild scrubs and exfoliating cleansers.  These will help to fade the dark coloration on inner thighs. Caution though should be taken when doing them as the skin around that area is quite sensitive. Be careful not to irritate it as this could cause further darkening.

How to Get Rid of Dark Skin on Inner Thighs

For one to have an even skin tone, it is important to know which avenues to explore to get rid of dark skin on inner thighs. Although there are many procedures that can help achieve this, it is necessary to understand what is causing the skin darkening. This way, the efforts put in lightening it will be effective. Some of the best ways on how to remove dark inner thighs include:

Proper Cleaning

The elbows, knees and inner thighs can at times be neglected when one is bathing. This may lead to the accumulation of dead skin cells and dirt as well. To get rid of the dark coloration, one should give more attention to the inner thighs and make proper use of soap and water. Pay attention to the area and sponge it properly. To prevent the area from getting worse, ensure you use chemical free soaps. This will prevent the area from drying as well as getting rashes.

Exfoliate Dark Skin Between Thighs

The use of exfoliating materials will help in getting rid of the dead skin cells on the surface of the inner thighs. When one exfoliates, the dark layer is scrubbed off leaving the skin looking fairer. This can be done twice in a week.

Moisturize Between Legs

Due to the many processes the skin may have to endure, it is important to keep the skin between legs well hydrated. Some of the processes such as exfoliation may dry up the skin oils causing skin to be overly dry. This necessitates the application of extra moisture to keep the skin smooth and well hydrated. If this is not done, the skin will dry up and darken more with time.

Fade and Lightening Creams

Fairness creams can also go a long way in getting rid of dark skin on inner thighs. Creams that contain peptides, enzymes and vitamin C will help leave the skin lighter and glowing. These can be obtained over the counter in drugstores near you.

Watch What You Wear

To get rid of dark coloration, one has to ensure that they wear clothes that are not too tight. Where possible, one should just wear clothes made from natural fibers. Wearing the right clothes will keep the thighs well aired and protected from harsh fabrics. Other general methods include dark skin whitening pills and bleaching soaps.

How to Get Rid of Dark Inner Thighs Naturally with Home Remedies

Getting rid of dark inner thighs should not be a costly affair. One should not be limited from getting off those dark patches from their inner thighs because they do not have enough money. The use of natural home remedies utilizes readily available products making it quite affordable. These remedies are also chemical free and thus no side effects will be experienced.

The only downside to using them is that they may require a while longer and consistency in their use to work. They also come with the advantage of doing the lightning discreetly at home. Some of the most effective natural home remedies for dark inner thighs are:

Natural ways to lighten dark thighs
Natural Ways

Coconut Oil with Lemon Juice Remedy

Coconut oil helps in moisturizing dry skin as well as lightens hyperpigmentation. The lemon juice contains natural bleaching agents which help in getting rid of blemishes. With the two, one gets a natural moisturizing skin lightener.


  1. In a mixing bowl, add three tablespoons of coconut oil
  2. Squeeze out juice from half a lemon into the mixture
  3. Mix the two thoroughly until consistent.
  4. Massage the mixture on the thighs for 15 minutes
  5. Use some warm water to clean the area and pat it dry.

Lemon and Curd

With this mixture, you reap the benefits of lemon and curd. Curd helps to moisturize the area. They both are acidic which gives them skin lightening properties.  It will also help in keeping infections off


  1. Put into a container a tablespoon of curd
  2. Squeeze into it juice from half a lemon
  3. Add a pinch of turmeric and of gram flow into the mixture
  4. Stir all ingredients to form a consistent paste
  5. Apply this onto the inner thighs and let it rest for a while
  6. While it dries off, gently rub it off in circular motions

Sugar, Honey and Lemon

Sugar acts as a natural exfoliator. This helps in shedding of dead skin cells. Honey is a natural emollient and helps to moisturize the skin while the lemon will act as a natural lightener.


  1. Mix one tablespoon of honey, one teaspoon of sugar and fresh juice from half a lemon.
  2. Apply this on the inner thighs and gently rub it in circular motion until the sugar granules can no longer be seen.
  3. Leave the mixture on for 10 minutes before washing it off with water.

Honey and Tomato Juice Remedy

To increase effectiveness to this home remedy, one could also add potatoes. The juices from potatoes and tomatoes have bleaching properties. This mixture is most suitable for people with sensitive skin. The mixture will diminish the appearance of dark spots in inner thighs with time.


  1. Grate half a peeled potato
  2. Add some tomato juice to it and mix
  3. Add a tablespoon of honey
  4. Rub the mixture on the area of treatment and leave it to dry.
  5. Wash off using plain water.

Dark Inner Thigh Treatment

In cases where home remedies do not work, the next available option would be medical treatment. A dermatologist can help one to even out their skin tone. Among some of the dark inner thigh treatment options that may be recommended include:

Creams: There are some bleaching creams that can be used to lighten inner thighs. However, not all creams are safe. Some will contain harmful ingredients such as mercury. To ensure you get one suitable for the sensitive inner thighs, ensure that you get a prescription from your dermatologist. Hydroquinone creams in the right percentage can help in a great way.

Chemical Peels

This involves the application of an acid on the skin to destroy and make the skin cells peel off. These are classified depending on how deep into the skin they get. Since the area around inner thighs is sensitive, glycolic acid may be most suitable. It results in a superficial skin peel and can therefore be well tolerated. More than one peel may be necessary for the uneven pigmentation to go away. Your dermatologist will know best what is most suitable for you.

Fractional Laser Therapy

Not all laser therapies are appropriate for the inner thighs. Some clinics will have relevant machines while others may only have some that should not be used off the face. Be certain that the correct laser equipment is available before agreeing to undergo the treatment. Dig out as much information as you can during consultations.


  1. Hey! I do have very dark thighs and big pimples and they get very ugly. How can I lighten them fast? I am nineteen years old and I watched some video on Youtube that advised that if you have these black marks on thighs and still a teenager, do nothing until you get into the 20s to start trying to get rid of them. The reason the presenter gave is that at my age, the body is going through some hormonal changes which may cause my thighs to look darker or have some spots, maybe from stretch marks as well. Is this true?

    • Hi Debbie! It is true that teenage years can come with a lot of changes on the body especially for girls. Although it is normal to have stretch marks, it is not always obvious to have big pimples and zit-like marks on your thighs during teen years. Maybe you can get dark skin between thighs after weight gain and as a result of your thighs rubbing against each other as you walk. So, before you try any of the methods of getting rid of dark inner thigh pimples and marks or discoloration, you should see a dermatologist first to know exactly what the cause of the discoloration is.
      I wish you all the best.

  2. I have a black inner thigh skin – just between my legs, also dark underarms. These remedies, from a factual point of view seem to be good enough to lighten my inner thighs. I also have a black butt and would like to make it a little lighter, maybe a shade or two lighter than it is to catch up with the rest of my skin tone. How much do you think I should use these natural treatments and for how long until i see results? please help.

    • Dark spots in between thighs or legs, around the neck area and even under arms can be gotten rid of naturally and fast. However, be careful if you have velvety dark inner thighs, around the neck and armpits because these could be what is called acanthosis nigricans. Most people assume these are just sunspots or sunburn problems until they learn it is something else. So, before you try lemons to lighten and get rid of darker inner thighs, ensure you see a doctor first.
      PS. I am a medical student.

    • I would like to lighten my inner thigh and butt as quickly as possible. Which treatment you think will work the fastest?

  3. Is it okay to use SkinLightening creams containing Hydroquinone in those areas?

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