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Red Bumps on Face Causes & How to Get Rid of Little Red Bumps Not Acne on Face

The face is one delicate part of the body. Anything that affects it is visible. This could be small red bumps on the face, itchy red bumps or red bumps on face that are not pimples. Knowing how to get rid of red bumps on the face comes in handy in dealing with them.

What Causes Red Bumps on Face?

Whether one is an adult or a teenager, it is possible to get bumps on the face. These may deal a big blow to the person who has them. This though should not feel like the end. To be in a position to know how to deal with them, it is important to know what causes red bumps on face.

red bumps on face
itchy red bumps on face

There are many things that could lead to one experiencing bumps on facial skin. It is possible to get bumps from immune disorders. However, the most likely cause for them would be a rash, acne or type of allergic reaction. Where the situation is not severe, one could get rid of the bumps using over the counter products. If these do not work or when the symptoms seem to be getting worse, one should consult the dermatologist immediately.

Little, Tiny or Small Red Bumps on Face

Small red bumps on the face are common. These tiny bumps could be caused by a number of things.  An allergic reaction could lead to a rash which will appear on the face. The cause for the reaction could be allergens found in the environment such as from pollen, grass or pet dander.

Another cause for tiny red bumps on the skin of the face could be rosacea. This is only limited to the face and could easily be mistaken for adult acne.  Scabies could also manifest itself in the form of small bumps. This is caused by microscopic mites. Other than these conditions, sun damage and photosensitivity could as well result in facial bumps.

Red Bumps on Face Not Pimples or Acne

It is not always that bumps on the face are pimples. There are times that red bumps on face not pimples or acne will form. These occur when the skin gets irritated, swells and reddens. These have many causes and are simply skin conditions that can be dealt with. One way to tell bumps are not pimples or acne is when they itch. Pimples do itch and rarely get irritated.

small raised bumps on forehead
small raised bumps on forehead

Allergies from weed, grass and pollen could cause one to have bumps. When one reacts to the swellings through scratching, the bumps redden. Seasonal allergies such as pollen, weeds and grass will cause itchy bumps.  To deal with allergic bumps, one ought to take control of what they are allergic to and eliminate it. Using mild facial cleansers may also help.

Other causes of bumps on the face are things that irritate the skin even when one is not necessarily allergic to them. These include pet urine and saliva. Cleaning products such as detergents, cleaning solutions and fragrances could irritate facial skin as well leading to bumps. Mostly, these tend to be itchy.

Other than the above, it is possible to have skin bumps that are caused by medical conditions. Some may form abruptly while others take time to develop. These will need to be diagnosed by a dermatologist for right treatment to be administered.

Itchy Red Bumps on Face

There are various reasons as to why one may get itchy red bumps on face. These bumps may be on a limited part of the skin or only a few on the face. There also are those that could go beyond the face and affect large parts of the body.

Acne bumps are normal on the face. When they become inflamed, they become itchy. Insect bites could also cause bumps on the face that get irritated as well as itchy. The beard area could as well get bumps that itch. This is after one has had a shave that resulted in ingrown hairs.

To avoid the situation from going from bad to worse, it is important to seek treatment for any itchy bumps on face. A dermatologist can diagnose and offer treatment that will cool the skin. This will reduce irritation and get rid of the itch as well as the bumps.

How to Get Rid of Red Bumps on Face

you can get rid of red pimples on face
red pimples and bumps on face

There are many ways on how to get rid of red bumps on face. These include both home treatments and treatments prescribed by a doctor. The earlier one seeks treatment, the better the chances of preventing the bumps from spreading or getting worse are.

Salicylic acid: This acid sloughs off dead skin cells found on the skin’s top layer. This encourages growth of new skin cells. As a result, one could experience a scaly skin around the bumps being treated. This will disappear with time to get rid of the raised bumps.

Benzoyl peroxide: This can be found in soaps, creams and lotions. It gets rid of the bump ridden skin and stimulates the skin to regenerate new cells and at a faster rate. To avoid getting irritated, one should look for products containing less than three percent of benzoyl. Anything beyond this may be too strong for your skin to handle.

Sulfur-containing cleansers: Sulfur works to cleanse the skin and clear up any imperfections it may have. Using sulfur based cleansers is bound to help get rid of sudden bumps especially where their cause is oily skin.

Retinoid: These contain high levels of vitamin A which helps clear up any grime on the skin as well as unclog blocked pores. It plays a role in increasing cell turnover. These can be obtained through a prescription.

Azelaic acid:  With its antibacterial properties, azelaic acid can help to reduce irritation and redness on the bumps. It is natural and obtained from wheat and bailey. This is appropriate for people with sensitive skin.  That also helps to reduce redness and inflammation and is found naturally in wheat and bailey.

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