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Telehealth Solutions During the Pandemic

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The global Covid pandemic has severely impacted humanity, with more than 1 million fatalities already since early 2020 and we have turned to digital technology to help stop the spread of the virus. A new term arrived, ‘telehealth’, which is medical consultation using VoIP solutions, with an application such as Zoom or Skype. All you need is a laptop and a stable Internet connection and you are good to go, using a program like Zoom, which is free to the user.

Virtual Doctor Consultations

Rather than travelling to the doctor’s surgery and risking infection, you can book an online consultation and at the agreed time, the doctor will invite you to be a part pf the video call. In most cases, the medical professional can make an accurate diagnosis based on a video conference with the patient, which saves everyone time and eliminates human contact.

Physio Services

If you need to see a physio, check out who offer virtual consultations and where you live doesn’t matter with an online session. Communicating with the physio will enlighten him or her regarding your issue and you can be guided to carry out a series of exercises to improve your condition. It is rare when the physio would require a physical meeting and with a good audio-video connection, there’s no difference regarding the treatment.

Mental Health Counselling

As you can imagine, many Australians are very stressed during the repeated lockdowns and rather than arranging to visit a mental health counsellor, you can book online sessions. If you would like to talk to someone about ongoing issues like unemployment or relationship problems, search with Google for mental health counselling and a list of services will appear. This service might be provided free by the state or an NGO, as this type of counselling can be expensive privately. Click here for further reading on maintaining good health during the pandemic.

Fitness, Yoga and Pilates

The online fitness community is large and rapidly growing, as more and more people enroll in virtual classes, which is cheaper than regular classes and there are really no limits as to number of students. You can also hire a virtual personal trainer, who will set your fitness goals and be there with you as you perform your routine. The personal trainer can motivate and support their client to the same levels as if they were in the same room and the reason people hire personal trainers is the certainly of success.

Many businesses are operating by offering virtual services, while a large portion of the population are working from home in a bid to halt the spread of Covid-19 and we are all looking forward to the time when we have herd immunity and can return to some kind of normality. We are already living in a digital age and the pandemic happened to accelerate our switch to online solutions and with the rollout of 5G expected in 2021, we can expect to see a rise in telehealth demand.

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